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  • Wall Mounted Computer
    Showcase Product

    Wall Mounted Computer

    By Chromatotec Group

    We propose you a wall mounted industrial computer / box dedicated to the analyser (delivered with Windows XP and Vistachrom) - screen, keyboard and mouse not supplied.

  • PCI Board of D/A and D/F Converters
    Showcase Product

    PCI Board of D/A and D/F Converters

    By DataApex

    The CB20 card is designed for controlling LC pumps (that can be steered by frequency or voltage) using Clarity chromatography software. It contains four 16-bit D/A converters and four 28-bit frequency (D/F) converters ...

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  • DataApex


    DataApex develops and manufactures chromatography data stations. The chromatography station consists of genuine hardware & software developed by ...

  • Justice Laboratory Software

    Justice Laboratory Software

    Justice Innovations was founded in 1982 by Jeff Justice, one of the world`s leading chromatography software engineers, responsible for the design and ...

  • UniChrom


    Software and methods development for Gas and Liquid chromatography. Our UniChrom chromatography data system supports with full digital control well ...

  • Scion Instruments

    Scion Instruments

    SCION Instruments is a leading supplier of Gas Chromatography instrumentation and solutions. Building on the legacy of Varian GC and GC-MS, SCION ...

  • LabLogic Systems Limited

    LabLogic Systems Limited

    LabLogic is a worldwide market leader in the supply of LIMS and chromatography data systems to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and nuclear/PET ...