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  • Get Empowered: Browse Projects | Tip #9

    In the last Empower Tip of the Week for Empower Chromatography Data Software (CDS), we explored how to compare calibration curves. In this blog, we are going to demonstrate how ID numbers are generated.Here we go.Did you ever wonder where the ID numbers

  • Ultra-Pure Proof with Mass Detection

    Before joining the newly formed Reach Separations in February 2012, I spent five years at AstraZeneca in analysis and purification (latterly as group lead in reversed phase and chiral purification). ...


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  • Versatile Ion Chromatograph System

    Versatile Ion Chromatograph System

    The 930 Compact IC Flex is a versatile ion chromatograph developed with a focus on the requirements of routine users. It is robust and very easy to use. Hence, contract laboratories and quality control laboratories from all sectors with clearly defined analytical requirements will find the 930 Compact IC Flex their solution of choice. Experience the versatility of the 930 Compact IC Flex and put ...