Combustible Gas Detection

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  • Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters
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    Combustible Gas Sensor-Transmitters

    By Acme Engineering Prod. Ltd.

    The Acme Combustible gas sensor-transmitter measures the concentration of the target gas in an enclosed area and produces a proportional analog output signal. The Acme 40-ST Combustible Gas sensor is explosion proof. ...

  • Combustible Gas Sniffer
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    Combustible Gas Sniffer

    By MeterMall USA

    E-Instruments 7899 Combustible Gas Sniffer with 11” Gooseneck Probe & Carry Case. Pinpoint small leaks of combustible gas hydrocarbon fuels from any piping or appliance.  Big LED with audible beeper.

  • Combustion Gas Dryer
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    Combustion Gas Dryer

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    The IMR 5 5 Op device is for the cleaning of gases and is suitable for use in conjunction with all gas measuring and analysis instruments. It is encased in a handy portable case. It is especially designed for use with ...

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    Sentinel Waste International

    Using the experience gained by the principal shareholder of Sentinel in the businesses off Waste Management & Handling, Recycling, Material Handling ...

  • Sensit Technologies

    Sensit Technologies

    SENSIT Technologies designs, manufactures and services a complete line of gas leak detection instruments, combustible gas indicators and confined ...

  • Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Henan Inte Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise that engaged in the R&D, production, marketing of a full line gas ...

  • Add-Apt-Safety (AAS)

    Add-Apt-Safety (AAS)

    Add-Apt-Safety (AAS) is a provider of fixed and mobile gas detection systems, active in the Benelux and Europe with regard to safety technology. AAS ...

  • Ant Hire Solutions

    Ant Hire Solutions

    Ant Hire Solutions is an independent, family-run business specialising in equipment and solutions for the Utility sector. We are dedicated to ...