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  • Climate Control News Featured LQ800 Multi Channel Controller

    Climate Control News Featured LQ800 Multi Channel Controller

    All-in-one sensor With its highly intelligent web-enabled design, the new LQ800 Multi Channel Controller from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) delivers a state-of-the-art total solution. It combines advanced IoT liquid analytical measurement of 50+ parameters and precision process control of flow/level for a wide range of water-based industrial applications. ECD’s hard ...

  • Are Oil and Gas Visual Inspections Enough?

    With so many small anomalies that can hamper asset performance, conventional visual inspections may not be sufficient. This is especially true in the hydrocarbon industry, where detailed ...


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  • Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    Vacuum Wastewater Evaporators

    The ME series of vacuum evaporators have vertical development with the boiling chamber in the lower part and the condensation chamber in the upper part. The vacuum system guarantees minimum energy expenditure. These plants consist of a batteiy of evaporators in series, called `stages`, each of which possesses a heat exchanger. Steam circulates inside the heat exchangers, heating the solution ...

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  • New AWWA Water Audit Software - Webinar

    New AWWA Water Audit Software - Webinar

    This webinar is important to promote awareness and adoption of the most current version for best-practice tools, keeping learners up to date on latest developments. The AWWA Free Water Audit Software has become the industry standard for conducting an annual water audit, including water balance and key performance indicators for utilities all across North America. The prior version—Version ...