Confined Space Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • HAZWOPER – Different, Not Less

    HAZWOPER – Different, Not Less

    When we think of a hazardous material event, we often think of firefighters and technicians rushing in with large plastic space-like suits to stop the leak and save the day. These first responders definitely play a large role in the mitigation of these emergency situations, but sometimes we tend to forget about the second – due responders who pick up the pieces and begin recovery. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Desktop Ozone Meter

    Portable Desktop Ozone Meter

    Environmental Sensors Co.'s Ozone Meter is a portable desktop instrument that measures ozone concentration in a range of 0-2 ppm and a resolution of 0.01 ppm. The instrument makes it possible to monitor ozone in air. The insturment has an LCD display giving concentrations in ppm every 10 seconds, a low battery indicator, and an audible alarm that can be set at any level from 0-2 ppm. With the ...