Contamination Monitoring

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  • Mercury Detection

    Mercury Detection

    What is Mercury?Mercury is a neurotoxin. Mercury is a naturally-occurring chemical element found in rock in the earth’s crust, including in deposits of coal. On the periodic table, it has the symbol “Hg” and its atomic number is 80. It exists in several forms:elemental (metallic) mercury,inorganic mercury compounds, and

  • Guide to Measuring Water in Oil

    We have all heard the saying, “Oil and water don’t mix.” Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily apply to lubrication oils. Water can exist in several states in lubrication ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Aerosol Manifold for Air Particle Counters

    Aerosol Manifold for Air Particle Counters

    The AM ll Manifold offers advanced features for sequentially monitoring aerosol contamination at multiple locations with a fixed particle counter. The AM ll is ideal for trend analysis and cleanroom verification when continuous monitoring is not needed. Compatability: Lasair® II or Lasair lll airborne particle counters, or IsoAir® PLUS particle sensor.

Upcoming Events

  • 2020 International Symposium on Inorganics

    2020 International Symposium on Inorganics

    The International Symposium on Inorganics encompasses a combination of technical presentations and in-depth discussions on the critical matters related to inorganic contaminants in drinking water. Attendees will gain insights into current and emerging issues related to inorganic contaminants, including sources and occurrence, monitoring and treatment, regulatory landscape, and best practices for ...

Brownfield Summit 2020

May 12rd - 12th | London