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Corrosion Monitoring equipment for Monitoring and Testing

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    Kurita - ACF Technology For Preventing Fouling and Corrosion

    Ammonium salt fouling is an omnipresent threat in oil refineries. It may lead to insecure operational conditions with high production losses. Salt deposition is frequently detected in fluid catalytic cracking main fractionator columns. Higher chloride concentrations in residue feedstocks can initiate ammonium salt fouling. Low main fractionator ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from ACF Technology For Preventing Fouling and Corrosion Product line

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    Kee-Safety - Model Easi-Dec - Access Platform

    Right Tool for the Job. Easi-Dec is a scaffold alternative designed for the smaller jobs, giving access to the wall, second floor windows or soffits and gutters for maintenance and repair work. The platform is assembled in a matter of minutes, and can be lifted and shifted around a building with ease.

    By Kee Safety, Inc. based in Buffalo, NEW YORK (USA). from Access Platform Product line

  • VMM measuring instrument

    VMM measuring instrument is a voltmeter developed specially for application with FORCE Technology’s ERE 20 reference electrodes, used for assessment of a cathodic protection system and for monitoring of corrosion in reinforcement in concrete structures. VMM is characterised by its built-in data logger for registration of potentials without ...

    By FORCE Technology based in Brøndby, DENMARK.

  • Corrosion-Resistant all Polyethylene Drum Gauge Avoids Spillover

    This corrosion-resistant all polyethylene gauge is a ''must have'' for any filling operation. Bright red indicator pops up when drum is nearly full. Fits any drum with 3/4'' NPS bung opening.

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Corrosion Control Coupons (CCC)

    Reactivity monitoring using “Coupons” is a reliable and cost-effective means of gathering the information necessary to better understand your internal and external environments. Purafil’s air quality assessment service offers the following benefits:

    By Purafil, Inc. - Filtration Group based in Doraville, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Corrosion Control Coupons (CCC) Product line

  • CSUN - Model CSUN310-72P - Poly Modules

    Powerguard insurance global coverage Within the first year, the output power shall not be less than 97.5% of the minimum output power in CSUN's product datasheet, thereafter the loss of output powei shall not exceed 0.7% per year, ending with 80.7% in th 25* year.

    By China Sunergy Co., Ltd. (CSUN) based in Jiangning, CHINA. from Poly Modules Product line

  • Faria Beede - Digital Hourmeter with Voltage Trigger

    The Digital Hourmeter starts recording Engine Running Only hours when the voltage is measured above 12.8 VDC. The Faria Beede Snap-In instruments provide a Heavy Duty instrument in a easy to install push-in case manufactured in the USA. No back clamp, washers, nuts or tools are required to install the gauge into your panel.

    By Faria Beede Instruments, Inc. based in Uncasville, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Digital Hourmeter with Voltage Trigger Product line

  • NGK Metals Safety Tools Reduce Risk of Explosions and Fire

    A few extra dollars invested in these tools will really pay off. Ideal for use with resins, solvents, paint, ink, flammable dusts. Non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant tools. Independent tests have shown that our safety tools cannot produce a spark to ignite carbon disulfide, which has the lowest ignition point of any substance. Yet, ...

    By BASCO, Inc based in University Park, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Visaya - Model CuDDI - Copper Digital Detection Imaging

    World's First Automated Copper Strip Rater! Methods: ASTM D130, ASTM D1838, ASTM D4048, ASTM D4814, ASTM D7667, ASTM D7671, DIN 51 759, EN 2160, EN 6251, FTM 791-5325, IP 112, IP 154, IP 227, IP 411, IP 611, ISO 2160, ISO 22160. From qualified practitioner to quintessential professional, designed with the end user in mind. Copper corrosivity has ...

    By Ayalytical Instruments, Inc based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Copper Digital Detection Imaging Product line

  • Q-PANEL - Standard Substrates

    For over 50 years, Q-PANEL test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a consistent and uniform test surface for paints, plating, adhesives, sealants, rust inhibitors and other coatings. Thousands of labs around the world use millions of our steel and aluminum panels every year for color development, weathering exposures, salt ...

    By Q-Lab Corporation based in Westlake, OHIO (USA). from Standard Substrates Product line

  • Q-PANEL - Selector

    For over 50 years, Q-PANEL steel and aluminum test substrates have been recognized as the world standard for a uniform and consistent test surface for paints, adhesives, sealants, and other coatings. Q-PANEL test substrates from Q-Lab minimize metal variability as a source of bias in critical paint, coating and adhesion tests. Thousands of labs ...

    By Q-Lab Corporation based in Westlake, OHIO (USA). from Selector Product line

  • Model Flat Bar - Corrosion Test Racks

    Metal Samples offers corrosion test racks used to mount coupons and secure them directly to operating equipment or within a process system. Corrosion test racks make it easy to evaluate how corrosion would effect differing alloys and material finishes under identical conditions. Rack usage helps eliminate coupon loss which might occur if samples ...

  • Paddle Signs - 18 Hardboard, Plastic, Aluminum

    Made of durable, weatherproof hardboard, plastic or aluminum material. Paddle signs are OCTAGONAL, LIGHTWEIGHT and CORROSION RESISTANT. Note: 18' signs include 10' handle. ALUMINUM - Gauge for Aluminum paddles is .040'. Reflective made of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material.

  • TrimmerTrap - Model ST-2 - Backpack Blower Rack

    padlock. Heavy gauge welded steel construction is plated for corrosion resistence. Does NOT include mounting hardware. Mounts on open or enclosed trailers. Designed specifically for the Stihl 500 and 600 series blowers. Simply set blower on lower posts and pivot the top toward the rack, allowing the sliding lip to slide under the handle. Complete ...

    By Stens Corporation based in Jasper, INDIANA (USA).

  • Model 11300-2 - Seta Ag-Cu Corrosion Bath

    Seta's Silver/Copper Corrosion Bath is a stainless steel water or oil bath digitally temperature controlled to ±0.1°C over a temperature range of ambient +5°C to 120°C.

    By Stanhope - Seta Limited based in Chertsey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Seta Ag-Cu Corrosion Bath Product line

  • Friend Instrument - Model FDR-1141 - Copper Strip Corrosion Tester

    Test Methods: GB/T5096, ISO2160, ASTM D130, IP154Copper Strip Corrosion is designed and made as per Petroleum ProductsTest method covers the determination of the corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel, automotive gasoline, cleaners (Stoddard) solvent, diesel fuel, distillate fuel oil, lubricating oil, and natural ...

    By Changsha Friend Instrument Co.Ltd based in Changsha, CHINA. from Copper Strip Corrosion Tester Product line

  • Model SF - Globe Valve

    ARFLU manufactures forged and cast bellow seal globe valves in a wide range of pressures, sizes & designs.

    By Arflu based in Sopelana, SPAIN. from Globe Valve Product line

  • Corrosion Monitor

    REI, in collaboration with Corrosion Management (Manchester, UK), has developed and tested an advanced corrosion monitoring technology for application to high temperature combustion environments. This technology provides immediate response, high sensitivity, and the potential for quantitative corrosion measurements over a range of conditions. For ...

    By Reaction Engineering International based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA).

  • Model CM-1 - Corrosion Management Test Kit

    Corrosion Management Test Kit a Water Quality Multi-Parameter Kit - Model CM-1: To reduce lead and copper levels in distribution, service and domestic water lines, suppliers must stabilize aggressive water by adjusting pH, temperature, and hardness. Analysts can verify the success of their stabilization by screening samples with the CM-1 Corrosion ...

    By Hach Company - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Loveland, COLORADO (USA). from Corrosion Management Test Kit Product line

  • WP2

    The WheelProbe 2 is proving to be unrivalled in the field of composite inspection and corrosion monitoring in terms of speed and ease of use, in addition to achieving excellent results.Typical applications included: Corrosion Mapping, Marine Inspection, Aerospace Fuselage, Aerospace Large Area scanning and Automotive Testing.

    By Sonatest Ltd based in Old Wolverton, UNITED KINGDOM. from WP2 Product line

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