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  • Laboratory Vessels
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    Laboratory Vessels

    By Reagecon Diagnostics Limited

    A wide range of laboratory vessels including beakers, measuring jugs, flasks, test tubes, Test tube racks ,containers, buckets, aspirators and carboys, wide mouth bottles, narrow mouth bottles, square bottles, reagent ...

  • Thermogravimetric Analyzer
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    Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    By Navas Instruments

    The TGA-3000 series uses only one PC to manage both the external balance and the instrument at the same time. This configuration allows from 20 to 60% more throughput.This model is similar to TGA-2000 or TGA-1000 series ...

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  • Baker Furnace, Inc.

    Baker Furnace, Inc.

    Baker Furnace has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of pollution control equipment and furnaces such as Thermal Oxidizers, ...