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  • Fire and Smoke residual air contaminants testing

    Fire and Smoke residual air contaminants testing

    Only recently has the ability to accurately test for the residuals of fires become possible. There have long been concerns for the health of firefighters from fire emissions. Also, occupants of buildings and even neighborhoods affected by fire and the residuals of those fires are often greatly concerned about contaminants that exist for days, weeks, months, after the fire has been extinguished. ...

  • Recent Federal Developments

    WEBINAR -- FIFRA Hot Topics In Pesticide, Biocides, And Other Agricultural Chemicals Regulation And Litigation, April 24, 2019, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (EDT): Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. ...


  • Knowledge is your Superpower

    Knowledge is your Superpower

    Our confined space entry and leak check system combines G7, the world`s hardest-working connected gas detector, with our new multi-gas pump cartridge, live compliance dashboard and business analytics reporting. Blackline delivers unbeatable value by ...

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  • Colorimetric Cassettes

    Colorimetric Cassettes

    ChemLogic colorimetric tapes for use inside the ChemLogic 1 and 2 Continuous Gas Monitors. ChemLogic colorimetric cassettes offer extremely quick and reliable detection for an extensive list of gases. Shop our available tapes above, or, if you need a full detectable gas list please contact us today! These tapes are for the ChemLogic 1 and ChemLogic 2 continuous gas detection devices. Switch ...