Earth Resistivity Monitoring

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  • Fiberscope with 2-way Tip Articulation
    Showcase Product

    Fiberscope with 2-way Tip Articulation

    By Medit Inc.

    Medit’s robust flexible fiber scopes offer high resolution leached glass optics, coupled with stainless steel braided insertion probes, which are tough and flexible, yet ergonomic for long inspections. The smooth ...

  • Wooden Drums
    Showcase Product

    Wooden Drums

    By ITALPROGETTI engineering S.r.l.

    The Italprogetti wooden drum join the tradition of handcraft production of wood with the characteristics of high technology, trademark of all the range of production. The overall design of the drum, including resistance ...

  • Battery Testers
    Showcase Product

    Battery Testers

    By IRIS Instruments

    The role of the batteries is essential for all electrical prospecting surveys with a resistivity-meter and particularly in multi-electrode mode as it is sometimes necessary to inject huge amounts of current during ...

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  • Ariq Consulting Ltd

    POWER ENGINEERING:All our power engineering services are comparable to OEMs’ Procedures and QC Standards.TURNKEY Turbine & Generator maintenance and ...

  • Hydro Resources, Inc.

    Hydro Resources, Inc.

    Hydro Resources offers over 200 years of combined industry experience in groundwater development. The acquisition and integration of six major ...

  • Lippmann Geophysical Instruments (LGM)

    Lippmann Geophysical Instruments (LGM)

    As a small and flexible company active since 1992 we offer you a broad variety of geophysical instruments, which we produce according to your needs.

  • Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows Company provides quality environmental products and supplies for the outdoor professional. From soil augers to dissolved oxygen meters... ...

  • H2W LLC

    H2W LLC

    H2W, manufacturers are able to penetrate markets quicker and enjoy larger bottom line returns. H2W connects manufacturers and distributors around the ...