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Earth Resistivity Monitoring services for Monitoring and Testing

  • Collapse Resistance Services

    The collapse resistant rating is the most important figure for screens and casing as it determines the permissible installation depth. Usually the highest external pressure loads occur during the development, gravel packing and priming of a well. During these processes large quantities of sand or gravel are in motion in the space between the ...

    By Pars Peral Company based in North Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA).

  • Manufacturing Sales & Service of Digital DC earth resistivity meters

    Manufacturing of Digital DC earth resistivity meter (DIGIRHO) of proven quality. Service of the equipments. Supply of spares.

  • Resistance Thermometry Calibration Services

    CALIBRATION:   The set of operations which establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between values indicated by a measuring instrument ....,  and the corresponding known values of a measurand. Platinum Resistance Thermometers, or PRTs, are high quality, high precision temperature sensors.  The electrical ...

  • Data Processing Services

    SkyTEM’s data processing is based on cutting-edge proprietary software tailored to SkyTEM instruments. The high quality data collected is clean and robust enough to process the day it is acquired. SkyTEM conducts a thorough analysis of the collected data to identify anomalies that differentiate conductive/resistive zones. Conductor axes are ...

    By SkyTEM ApS based in Aarhus N, DENMARK.

  • Resistivity Methods

    Electrical or galvanic methods allow investigating the underground distribution of the resistivity parameter. TRX, since over 20 years , applies either tetraelectrodic arrays in the Vertical Electric Sounding mode (VES) and multielectrodic arrays for the execution of Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT).

    By TRX Consulting C.A. based in Sabana Grande, VENEZUELA.

  • Thermal Resistivity

    The thermal resistivity of soils can be measured in the field in trial pits or boreholes or under laboratory conditions.  The results provide data to determine the thermal insulating properties of a soil.  A F Howland Associates can collect and provide the raw data needed to derive cable ratings for underground cable routes.  ...

    By A F Howland Associates based in Norwich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Geotechnical Services Service line

  • Processing and 2D / 3D Modeling:

    Austhai Geophysical Consultants / Austhai Geophysics and Geotechnical provide state of the art quality control, data processing and 2D / 3D inverse modeling services for mineral exploration.• IP/Resistivity data QC and reduction using TQIPdb software • IP/Resistivity processing and 3D IP/Resistivity modelling using UBC’s DCIP3D software• EM ...

    By Austhai Geophysical Consultants (Thailand) Co., Lt based in Bangjak, Prakanong,, THAILAND.

  • Resistivity Surveys

    Geophysical surveys, which use geoelectrical methods base on the variation of electrical parameters of the soil. To understand the phenomena in ground-rock medium, in which electric current flows, it must be realized that such substrate resists while electric current flows through it. According to Ohm's Law, resistance R is directly proportional ...

    By GEOSPECTRUM S.C. based in Krakow, POLAND. from Resistivity Service line

  • Puraflex Permeation Modeller Software

    The Puraflex Permeation Modeller (PPM) Software gives performance information for the membrane given site specific variables.The professional version of the software reports on vapour migration aswell as liquids and is available to purchase by contacting our technical department.Soil analysis results can be sent to us and we will produce a report ...

    By Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd. based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydrocarbon Resistant Barrier Membrane Service line

  • Resistivity Surveying Services

    Resistivity surveying is a geophysical method widely used for a variety of engineering and environmental applications. In characterizing the subsurface the method makes use of the fact that earth materials have different ability to conduct electrical current. Being non-destructive the method may be attractive for installations on existing dams and ...

    By HydroResearch Sam Johansson AB based in Taby, SWEDEN.

  • Geoelectrical Resistivity Surveys

    Field techniques: Resistivity drilling and mapping (including water covered terrain), 2D-geoelectrics and 3D-geoelectrics, Geoelectric tomography, Resistivity logging, Mise à la masse, Geoelectric tracer tests.

    By Geophysik GGD mbH based in Leipzig, GERMANY. from Geoelectrics Service line

  • Data Enterpretation Services

    3-D images, created with MPT inversion software, of the PRB at East Helena showing the barrier resistivity and IP from 7 to 15 m below ground surface. Electrode locations are shown as red dots.

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Chemical Resistance & Material Selection Services

    By offering an extensive range of Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Epoxy and silicate resins we are able to offer liners with corrosion resistance to many commonly used chemicals. Our extensive library of chemical tests and our chemist consulting partners will be pleased to assist in selecting the most appropriate solution.

    By ER Technical Services Ltd. based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ballistic Resistance Testing Services

    Supporting Aerospace and Defense Industries with Custom PPE Testing. Partnering through H.P. White Laboratory, an Intertek company, we deliver a full range of military PPE testing services to support your needs.

    By Intertek Group plc based in Chicksaw, ALABAMA (USA).

  • Chemical Resistance Tests Services

    Chemical resistance is a factor of topical interest owing to the intrinsic properties of fibreglass and its application fields. As a matter of fact, FRP products stand out for their high resistance to chemical agents compared to similar products made of different materials, such as steel for instance. Within M.M. facilities, a department conducts ...

    By M.M. s.r.l. based in Udine, ITALY.

  • Acid resistant coating services

    'We perform acid resistant bricks linings and tiling systems with acid proof bricks and also combined complex systems, resistant to the action of aggressive chemical agents. According to the project’s requests, we apply acid-proof systems consisting of:Rubber, acid proof bricks and tiles with corresponding mortarsSynthetic polymers lining ...

    By B-Team Corrosion Protection based in Bucharest, ROMANIA.

  • Puraflex Quality Assured

    Puraflex Approved Distributors are carefully selected stockholding distributors qualified to provide design and installation advice.

    By Industrial Textiles & Plastics Ltd. based in York, UNITED KINGDOM. from Hydrocarbon Resistant Barrier Membrane Service line

  • System Studies & Testing Services

    Harmonic Analysis & Troubleshooting. Power Conditioning/Transient. Short Circuit, Load & Coordination Studies. Arc Flash Studies. Ground Resistance Testing. Energy Conservation Studies. Thermal Imaging.

    By Trindera Engineering, Inc. based in Coeur d`Alene, IDAHO (USA).

  • Scour & Impact Resistance

    In the production of mining industrial, their process decide that numerous equipments unavoidably withstand long-term impact & erosion caused by material or hard particles in the course of operation, such as pipeline, pump body, impeller, mixing equipment, etc, which will cause abrasion of equipments, furthermore, comply with material corrosion in ...

    By Mibo International Corp. based in New York, NEW YORK (USA). from Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service line

  • Resistivity Surveys by Profiling Technique

    Soil testing by electrical profiling method the same arrays as for sounding (Schlumberger's, Wenner's etc.) are used. Electrical profiling is a basic resistivity survey technique about moving the whole array along the profile with unchanged geometry. The assumption of electrical profiling is the constant depth of investigation.

    By GEOSPECTRUM S.C. based in Krakow, POLAND. from Resistivity Service line

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