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  • Autolab Range of Electrochemical Instruments
    Showcase Product

    Autolab Range of Electrochemical Instruments

    By Metrohm AG

    The entry level in the Autolab range of electrochemical instruments, the Autolab/PGSTAT101 in combination with the powerful NOVA software, can be used for most of the standard electrochemical techniques. ...

  • Multichannel Line instruments - Electrochemistry Times Twelve
    Showcase Product

    Multichannel Line instruments - Electrochemistry Times Twelve

    By Metrohm AG

    Autolab Multichannel instruments allow you to perform several measurements simultaneously. The instruments’ channels can be controlled by up to three computers. Perform synchronized electrochemical measurements on ...

  • Portable Electrochemical Reader
    Showcase Product

    Portable Electrochemical Reader

    By Metrohm AG

    DropStat is a hand-held, single-technique, potentiostat-based custom Electrochemical Reader that is configured attending to customer’s needs, allowing the researcher to have a unique instrument able to show ...

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  • Amel Srl

    Amel Srl

    Since 1959 AMEL has been involved in the design and manufacturing of measuring instruments for electrochemical applications. The firm originated ...

  • DropSens


    Our company designs instruments for Electrochemistry Research. We manufacture screen-printed electrodes, providing researchers with a powerful tool ...

  • RMS Ltd

    RMS Ltd

    Russell Mainstream Supply Limited specialise in hospital / laboratory hygiene and water treatment. Now in our 18th year of trading we have grown year ...

  • Metroglas AG

    Sensors are of critical importance for all kinds of electroanalytical equipment. The need to have a team dedicated to the development and manufacture ...

  • Sentek Ltd

    Sentek Ltd

    Sentek was established in 1991, specifically to manufacture a comprehensive range of electrochemical sensors for both laboratory and industrial ...