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  • Something for Nothing hits pay dirt! - Case Study

    Challenge:During a scheduled inspection of a facility for a major food processor a number of deficiencies were identified and documented including  one ultrasonic class problem within a 12,470 VAC safety disconnect switch (similar to Figure #1 below) feeding a primary side of a main service, oil-filled transformer with a 480 VAC secondary. This was one of two major components that did


  • Why Oktoberfest is bad for the environment

    Why Oktoberfest is bad for the environment

    Attracting more than six million visitors over a 16-day period, Oktoberfest is one of the largest folk festivals in the world and has become synonymous with German culture, especially that found in its south-eastern province of Bavaria. But while ...

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  • Air Pollution Modelling Software

    Air Pollution Modelling Software

    ADMS-Airport is a comprehensive modelling tool for air quality management of airports. It has many of the features of the ADMS-Urban model and includes allowance for all relevant emission sources at airports and utilises algorithms designed specifically to model dispersion from aircraft engines.