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Disposable Thin Wall 5 mil Latex Gloves

by Forestry Suppliers, Inc.     based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA)

USDA accepted. Unsterilized. For use in labs, food processing, chemical plants, anywhere protection and dexterity are important. Box of 100. White, 9-1/2ý long.

Pre-Configured Systems - USB2000+VIS-NIR

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The USB2000+ Series of Spectrometers from Ocean Optics feature an amazingly small footprint, plug-and-play capabilities and a simplified interface that operates without external power. Simply plug your USB2000+UV-VIS or VIS-NIR into an available USB port on your computer and you eliminate the need for analog converters. Your spectrometer comes ...

USB4000-FL-450 and USB4000-FL-395 Spectrofluorometers

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The USB4000-FL Spectrofluorometers are preconfigured, fully integrated fluorescence spectrometers. The USB4000-FL-450 comes with a USB-LS-450 direct-attach light source while the USB4000-FL-395 comes with an LS-395 LED Module. These spectrofluorometers can be used for general fluorescence measurements. The USB4000-FL-450 is available for $3523.  ...

SpecEl Ellipsometer System

by Ocean Optics - a Halma Company     based in Dunedin, FLORIDA (USA)

The SpecEl-2000-VIS Ellipsometer measures polarized light reflected from the surface of a substrate to determine the thickness and refractive index of the material as a function of wavelength. The SpecEl is controlled via a PC. Measure refractive index, absorbance and thickness with the touch of a button.


by Kamstec International     based in Karachi, PAKISTAN

For 75 years, Buehler has been a leading manufacturer of scientific instruments, supplies, and laboratory furniture for use in materials analysis. Buehler products are used to analyze all types of solid materials, including ceramics, metals, composites, glass, rock and plastic.

Model TPX Class B - Measuring Cylinder

by Abdos Labtech Pvt Limited     based in Jasola, INDIA

Features: These transparent graduated cylinders have excellent value. Molded in large neat and easy to read graduations. Hexagonal shape gives stability to the base. Cylinders have generous pour spout for smooth flow of liquid during pouring. Can be autoclaved. Meets accuracy requirements of class B under “DIN 1261/ISO 6706”.

Model TPX Class A - Measuring Cylinder

by Abdos Labtech Pvt Limited     based in Jasola, INDIA

Features: These transparent graduated cylinders have excellent value, Molded in large neat and easy to read graduations, Hexagonal shape gives stability to the base, Cylinders have generous pour spout for smooth flow of liquid during pouring, Autoclaving at 121° C does not affect accuracy, Meets accuracy requirements of class A under ...

Hermle - Model Z 306 - Small Universal Laboratory Centrifuge

by Hermle Labortechnik GmbH     based in Wehingen, GERMANY

The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range ofapplications, which covers clinical laboratory requirements,research, as well as industrial laboratory use. The Z 306 offersmany accessories, including rotors for microtitreplates andhigh-speed fixed angle rotors for reaction vessels or centrifugetubes up to 50 ml.Additionally, swing ...

SI Analytics - Model SLK 12 - Laboratory Hotplates

by SI Analytics - a Xylem brand     based in Mainz, GERMANY

To heat up liquids quickly and safely, SI Analytics hotplates SLK 12 are the optimum solution. The heating power can be adjusted in 9 steps  and heats up to 1.7 kW (with extended hotplate step 2 and the 230 V version only).

MYMAG - Model M-1 - Magnetic Stirrer

by Miccra GmbH     based in Müllheim, GERMANY

The magnetic stirrers of MICCRAMYMAG-seriesare designed for a gentle to intense mixing of low viscous liquids and ideal for the digestion of organic and inorganic substances. Important aspects such as safety, convenience and cost savings have been considerably taken into account during the development of the MYMAG stirrers. This is reflected in ...

Italvacuum - Rotary Cylindrical Vacuum Dryer

by Italvacuum S.r.l.     based in Borgaro, ITALY

Italvacuum’s rotary cylindrical vacuum dryers are designed chiefly for drying, mixing and condensation operations in the manufacture of granulated plastics: chips, beads, slices, pellets, scraps, etc. Their manufacturing specifications make these dryers ideal for processes that request high vacuum levels in combination with high ...

SEAL Analytical - Model QuAAtro30 - Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer

by SEAL Analytical Inc. - a Porvair company brand     based in Mequon, WISCONSIN (USA)

QuAAtro39 is the world's most automated, compact, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer. With microflow hydraulics, heated manifolds, high resolution detectors and advanced software this high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and ...

Model DAC 400.1 FVZ - Laboratory Mixing System

by Hauschild & Co. KG     based in Hamm, GERMANY

Mixing capacity: 100 to 300g. Speed min/ max: Variabel of 800 to 2750 rpm. Mixing time min/max: 1s/ 600s. System voltage / frequency: 230 V / 50/60 Hz. Input power: 1,2 KW. Mass: 425 mm(width)640 mm / 950mm (lid open - height), 600 mm (depth). Weight: 77 KG. Additional features: see-through cover, variable speed, selectable fixed speed, ...

Research Autoclaves

by Sterlitech Corporation     based in Kent, WASHINGTON (USA)

Steam sterilization of research tools and consumables is convenient and affordable thanks to the new line of Sterlitech digital research autoclaves. With a width under 18 inches for the standard research autoclave and under 14 inches for the Mini, both of these compact research autoclaves will fit comfortably on even the most crowded ...

Custom Fume Hoods

by Germfree     based in Ormond Beach, FLORIDA (USA)

Germfree manufactures Custom Fume Hoods for a range of applications and environments.  We offer units that feature: complete stainless steel construction, chemical resistant coatings, laminar flow filtration, as well as Class I, Division 1 explosion-proof systems. These laboratory fume hoods are universally used for the safe ...

KILO - Model RC20/30 - Lab Centrifuge

by Rousselet S.A.     based in Annonay, FRANCE

Rousselet Robatel manufactures a small scale centrifuge adapted to kilo labs and small pilot plants.

Stuart - Model CB300 & SB300 - Large Capacity Hotplates

by Keison International Ltd.     based in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM

Choice of top plate material. Large square plate area ideal for heating one large vessel or several smaller ones. Accommodates vessels up to 10 litre capacity. Hotplate temperature controlled by easy to use dial. Fitted with a 'Hot' warning light which will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C and will operate even when the ...

Laboratory Mixers

by AVA Americas, LLC     based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

Variable, multifunctional, versatile – these are the hallmarks of the AVA laboratory series. Flexibility of application is the key feature of this series as laboratory mixers and drying mixers are commonly used for a highly diverse spread of products or product developments. In order to make frequent product changes as easy as possible for ...

MiniDis - Model ADXpert - Portable and Automatic Mini-Distillation Analyzer

by Grabner Instruments Messtechnik GmbH     based in Wien, AUSTRIA

This true atmospheric distillation analyzer is extremely compact, portable and light weight and operates as a fully stand-alone unit. Designed for the quick and accurate quality control in laboratories and in the field, a distillation run on light products takes just 15 minutes and requires as little as 6 mL of sample. Because of its small size, ...

Model 47938 - JMHW VOC Mix Analytical Standard

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     based in Bellefonte, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

JMHW VOC Mix 1000 μg/mL in methanol, analytical standard.

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