gas sampling Equipment in Canada

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    HORIBA - Model GPS5 - Gas Sampling System

    HORIBA gas samplers are suitable for volume-correct taking of gaseous samples during emission and emission measurements. This device can be used wherever gases and gaseous components must be inspected.

  • Gas Sampling Bags

    The most significant improvement in bag valves yet conceived, is the patented BGI 'SWIVEL LOCK'. Its unique stainless steel construction, absolutely prevents leakage to the ambient environment. Other valves have the potential of leaking in the filling or emptying position. Any standard 1/4 inch I.D. Tubing is compatible with the barbed fitting on ...

    By Tisch Environmental Inc. - Tisch International Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Gas Sampling Bags Product line

  • CEM - Model Series SP - Gas Sample Probe

    The sample probes are designed for easy installation, reliable operation and trouble free maintenance. They are versatile in application and depending on the task to be performed various sample tubes or pre-filters (see data sheet 2- and 2-, not included in the scale of delivery, can be simply screwed into the probe (G 3/4' thread).

    By CEM Specialties Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling System Components Product line

  • Gastec - Model 100s - Gas Sampling Pump

    Gastec’s standard GV-100 gas sampling pump is lightweight and rugged. It includes a Thermal Ring for measuring ambient temperature; a flow finish indicator for identifying full and partial pump strokes; the Gastec Handbook containing complete detector tube details; and protective, semi-rigid carrying case.

    By A. P. Buck Inc. Distributor in NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Others Product line

  • Dilution Gas Sample Probes:

    Dilutes the gas directly at the sample point, dilution ratio 500:1 down to 10:1 - Designed for processes where the measuring procedure or handling of the process gas requires the dilution of the sample representative of the component measured. Typical applications include use of toxic gases, moisture measurement, and emission measurement in flue ...

    By CEM Specialties Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Tedlar - Model T.O. Plus - Air/ Gas Sampling Bags

    The ESS Air Sampling Bag incorporates a two opening system for sampling and extraction. The side port/stem (3/16” OD) allows filling with a pneumatic pump and tubing, and for rapid emptying of the bag. The top of the valve is turned clockwise to close and counter clockwise to open. Continually counter clockwise turning will lead to the top ...

    By Environmental Sampling Supply (ESS) Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA).

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    Gasmet - Portable Sampling Unit

    The portable sampling unit has been designed for portable emission monitoring measurements. The portable sampling unit is used for on-site measurements. It can be used for measuring trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. The sample gas can be measured undiluted and without drying since the sample pump, heated filter and ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Portable Gas Analyzers Product line

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    Gasmet - Multipoint Sampling System (MSS)

    The MSS is designed for continuous monitoring of multiple measuring points. It’s designed to work as an integral part of the FCX measuring system. The MSS is used for on-line measurements. It is an ideal tool to measure components of interest in ambient conditions from several measuring points. The sample pump, valves, filter and sample ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stationary Analyzer Systems Product line

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    AMS - Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit

    The AMS Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit with gasoline powered Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer is ideal for obtaining core samples to a depth of 8ft. (2.4m). The complete set contains: Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer, (1) 4ft. Deluxe AMS Carrying Case, (1) 3ft. Deluxe AMS Carrying Case, GP Slotted Sampler Tube 4ft., (2) GP Upper Extensions 2ft., (2) GP ...

  • Model GA-40Tplus - Gas Analyzer With Built-in Sample Conditioner

    Professional flue gas analyser that combines high quality of sample conditioning with great measurement accuracy contained in a compact soft casing. Analyser is equipped with heated hose with heated filter, built-in high efficient condensation dryer. It can be fitted with up to 9 sensors (electrochemical cells and NDIR sensors). Has built-in ...

    By madur Polska Sp. z o.o. Distributor in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Portable Analysers Product line

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    Gasmet Technologies - Multipoint Sampling System – Heated (MSSH)

    The MSSH is designed for continuous monitoring of multiple measuring points. It is designed to work as an integral part of the CEMS or FCX measuring systems. MSSH unit can be used as sampling system with pump for FCX system or as sample point switching box without pump with CEMS. The MSSH is used for on-line measurements. It is an ideal tool to ...

    By Gasmet Technologies Oy Distributor in ONTARIO (CANADA). from Stationary Analyzer Systems Product line

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    NISKIN-X - Model 1010X - External Spring Water Sampler

    1010X External Spring Water Sampling Bottles Now you can have the simplicity and reliability of a Niskin water sampler and have a completely unobstructed sample chamber. The new Niskin X utilizes stainless steel external spring closures. The Niskin X Water Sampler can be activated by the GO Devil Messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially ...

    By General Oceanics Inc. Distributor in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Water Sampling Bottles Product line

  • MercSampler - Model XC-30B - Automated Console, 110V with Laptop

    The XC-30B MercSampler Console, designed especially for performing Method 30B, simplifies sampling requirements by automating data acquisition, sample flow adjustments, leak checks, calculations, temperature control, and calibrations. Data is easily transferred to a Microsoft Windows Based PC through USB Interface. The XC-30B MercSampler performs ...

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. Distributor in CANADA. from Mercury and Gas Sampling Equipment Product line

  • Multi-Zone - Gas Leak Monitor

    Bacharach's Multi-Zone gas monitor offers superior performance, flexibility and functionality for low level continuous monitoring of refrigerants, carbon dioxide and ammonia. The 10 inch / 250 mm infrared sensor enables the Multi-Zone to accurately measure lowest ppm levels. A built-in library of over 50 gases and the scalability of the number of ...

    By Bacharach, Inc. Office in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling Systems Product line

  • CEM - Model Series CG - Gas Converter

    The conversion of NO2 into NO depends on a catalytic reaction. Therefore, the sample gas passes the M&C gas converter type CG ... via a catalyst cartridge type C, filled up with molybdenum-coated carbon. This conversion allows an indirect nitrogen oxide measurement with all NO selctive usual commercial measuring instruments. For a ratio of ...

    By CEM Specialties Inc. based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling System Components Product line

  • Model GX-2009-RP-6 - Remote Sample Drawing Pump

    The GX-2009 is the smallest 4-gas monitor in the world and now it is available with a compact battery operated sample-drawing pump that attaches in line for remote, portable monitoring. Together the model RP-6 sample drawing pump and the GX-2009 make a complete solution for confined space entry situations.

    By Rice Engineering & Operating Ltd. based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Environmental Products/Gas Detection Product line

  • DCC-MRI Oxygen Sampling System

    The DCC-MRI is a self-contained Oxygen (O2) monitoring system developed for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room applications for hospitals and clinics. Due to the strong magnetic field inside the MRI room, electronic equipmentdoes not operate properly when mounted inside the room. The DCC-MRI system is designed to be installed outside of the MRI ...

    By Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Fixed Gas Detectors Product line

  • Apex Instruments - Model XC-563 - Source Sampling Console

    Apex Instruments Model 563 Source Sampling Console is the digital equivalet to the XC-522 and XC-572; featuring an AP25 Dry Gas Meter with optical encoder and digital totalizer. The console also features differential pressure tranducers for Delta P and Delta H. The temperature controllers, thermometer and timer all have digital displays. All ...

    By Apex Instruments, Inc. Distributor in CANADA. from Gas Analysis Equipment - ECOM Instruments Product line

  • Crowcon - Single Point Sample System

    The single point system is designed to monitor gas samples from pipelines or processes. A powerful high-flow pump extracts and transports gas samples to the system where they are conditioned to remove dust and moisture. The conditioned sample gas is then passed across one and four gas sensors before being either exhausted to atmosphere or returned ...

    By Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd - a Halma company Distributor in ALBERTA (CANADA). from Sampling Systems Product line

  • Scentroid - Model DS5 - Stack Diluting Sampler

    Stack sampler is an easy to use device that provides accurate pre-dilution of high temperature gas emissions with nitrogen or zero-air to minimize condensation inside the sample bag. Dilution is achieved inside the heated probe and can be controlled from 1:3 to 1:305 in 13 steps.

    By Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada. based in Markham, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling Equipment Product line

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