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  • New Compact Multi-gas Analyzer
    Showcase Product

    New Compact Multi-gas Analyzer

    By Environnement S.A

    Multi-Gas Analyzer Infra-Red Gfc (Cld-Chemiluminescence Option). A unique multi-gaz analyzer for: NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, SO2, HCl, HF, CH4, TOC and O2. Optional measurement of NOX by chemiluminescence.

  • Compact Multi-Parameter Monitoring System
    Showcase Product

    Compact Multi-Parameter Monitoring System

    By Environnement S.A

    The unique AMS on CEMS market offering multi gas accurate multi-pollutant analysis integrating optionally flue gas temperature, flow and pressure measurements on a single sampling probe, means a single sampling point.

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