Flame Ionization Detection

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  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Baseline 9000 Hydrocarbon Analyzer is a microprocessor-based instrument designed for continuous ambient or process hydrocarbon gas measurement in environmental or industrial settings. The analyzer can be purchased in a variety of configurations with internal components for single or multi-point sampling (with or without a sample pump) for pre-filtered non-condensing samples.

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  • 2-day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC)

    2-day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC)

    The two-day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training course introduces the fundamental theory of gas chromatography along with the set-up, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Agilent GC hardware. The course covers an introduction to gas chromatography, troubleshooting and method development; instrument overview; gases, supply and handling; autosamplers; split-splitless and multi-mode inlets; ...