Flame Photometry

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  • Digital Flame Photometer
    Showcase Product

    Digital Flame Photometer

    By PG Instruments Ltd

    The FP910 is a Digital Flame Photometer, Microprocessor Controlled, for the quick and simple determination of Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Barium and Lithium in one single aspiration. The instrument has a 7-inch Embedded ...

  • Dual Channel Flame Photometer Range
    Showcase Product

    Dual Channel Flame Photometer Range

    By Sherwood Scientific Ltd

    The Model 420 Clinical Flame Photometer was developed from the Single Channel Model 410 Flame Photometer, with the objective of improving productivity and analytical performance, when measuring Sodium and Potassium. It ...

  • 5 Channel Flame Photometer
    Showcase Product

    5 Channel Flame Photometer

    By BWB Technologies

    The BWB XP is the first and only 5 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements. The BWB XP was designed from the ground up, using new, innovative and modern technology to give ...

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  • Buck Scientific Inc

    Buck Scientific Inc

    Buck Scientific offers a wide variety of new analytical instruments and supplies. We have established a reputation for affordable products with ...

  • BWB Technologies

    BWB Technologies

    BWB Technologies an independently owned private company with manufacturing in the United Kingdom under strict ISO control protocols. BWB are a global ...

  • Sherwood Scientific Ltd

    Sherwood Scientific Ltd

    Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a Development and Manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in ...