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  • Monitoring water quality at Nedereindse Plas - Case Study

    Monitoring water quality at Nedereindse Plas - Case Study

    Project Monitoring water quality at Nedereindse Plas Client Antea Group Implemented by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water Country The Netherlands Background information to building a monitoring network Antea Group was ordered by Ballast Nedam to test if dumping large amounts of sand into the Nedereindse Plas would affect the turbidity of the water in any way. In the course of a few weeks, ...

  • PolluDet research project - Case Study

    The main goal of this project funded by the Italian regional Government is to develop and test prototype analyzers for routine laboratory use and for on-line application to measure algal toxins in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Float Line Thermometer

    Float Line Thermometer

    Accurate and flexible infrared thermometer measurements for measuring glass surface temperature in the tin bath and annealing lehr on float lines.The FLT5A is a standalone thermometer offering precision measurement of the surface temperature of glass float lines, ensuring consistently high product quality throughout the process. Offering excellent precision and long-term stability, the ...