Flood Monitoring

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  • Early Flood Warning System
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    Early Flood Warning System

    By Aquaread Limited

    Flooding is a continuous threat for many people in the UK. The LeveLine-EWS functions as both an early flood warning system, providing instant alerts to rising water levels and as a continuous water level monitor. These ...

  • Gain Omni Directional Antenna
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    Gain Omni Directional Antenna

    By High Sierra Electronics, Inc.

    The Model 7100-00 Omni-Directional Antenna is a unity gain base matched 1/2 wave vertical antenna. It requires no ground plane radials for effective operation and easily adjusts to the exact operating frequency. Typical ...

  • High Gain Directional Antenna
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    High Gain Directional Antenna

    By High Sierra Electronics, Inc.

    The High Gain Directional Antenna - Model 7105-04 is a heavy duty point-to-point Yagi antenna commonly used in data transmission and control station applications. The High Gain Directional Antennas feature a frequency ...

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  • The Pantanal of Poconé

    The Pantanal of Poconé provides an in-depth analysis of the ecological relationships in the northern part of the world's largest wetland in a ...

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    Flood Warning, Forecasting and Emergency Response

    Recent flood events in Europe, the USA and elsewhere have shown the devastating impact that flooding can have on people and property. Flood warning ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • iQuest (NZ) Ltd.

    iQuest (NZ) Ltd.

    iQuest manufactures a line of data loggers and offers solutions for Cellular, IP addressable, FTP and Satellite data transmission. iQuest is a leader ...

  • OneRain Incorporated

    OneRain Incorporated

    OneRain is a company of rainfall, water, and weather monitoring experts. We help our clients understand and manage their water-related missions, from ...