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  • Case-Study: Kakinada Smart City Environmental Monitoring

    Case-Study: Kakinada Smart City Environmental Monitoring

    Kakinada Municipal Corporation partnered with Sterlite Tech to analyze their city’s environment and create awareness among people. Oizom installed multiple Polludrones all across the city to monitor the city level pollution and spread awareness regarding environmental health among the local residents. Smart City monitoring solution was designed to monitor Gases, Noise, Dust, and weather parameter ...

  • Goal: Vacuum pressure impregnation system

    Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Systems require pressure measurements in the range of 5.00 Torr. Typical VPI Process for casting and motor industries requires a dry vacuum process. The pressure is ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Roller Shutter Door Flood Defences

    Roller Shutter Door Flood Defences

    The Roller Shutter is a flood defence product for doors and entrances, with patented autosensing and automatic operation against flooding. The highly effective flood protection is active 24 hours a day, and operates automatically when a water level sensor detects that it is being attacked by flood water. For use on a variety of building types, infrastructure and areas of the community, this flood ...