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  • Ultrasonic Flow Module
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    Ultrasonic Flow Module

    By Teledyne ISCO

    Plug in a 710 Flow Module and turn your 6700 Series or Avalanche Sampler into a combination sampler and flow meter. The Ultrasonic sensor is mounted above the flow stream, and it transmits a sound pulse that is ...

  • Analog Output Flow Module
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    Analog Output Flow Module

    By Teledyne ISCO

    The 780 Smart 4-20 Module gives your Isco 6700 Series Sampler the capability to interpret analog data from other equipment that you already own. For example, if you have flow meters that output a 4-20 mA signal, the 780 ...

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  • Standards Official Notice - Effective July 2016

    ANSI/AWWA C215-16 Standard for Extruded Polyolefin Coatings for Steel Water Pipe (November 19, 2015)ANSI/AWWA C750-16 Standard for Transit-Time Fl

  • Open-Channel Flow

    Open-Channel Flow

    Analysis of open-channel flow is essential for the planning, design, and operation of water-resource projects. The use of computers and the ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Axetris Ag

    Axetris Ag

    Axetris is a leading provider of components and modules for gas sensing, gas flow and gas control, powered by Axetris’ proprietary platinum based ...

  • The OTT Hydromet Group

    The OTT Hydromet Group

    OTT Hydromet helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire water cycle. We go beyond simply providing solutions by ...

  • CAS DataLoggers

    CAS DataLoggers

    CAS DataLoggers is a distributor and manufacturer of data logger and data acquisition systems utilized by individuals in need of data collection, ...