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  • Flow-Through Sample Chamber
    Showcase Product

    Flow-Through Sample Chamber

    By Teledyne ISCO

    The Teledyne ISCO high temperature flow-through chamber makes "dipper" type samplers obsolete, and is ideal for large treatment plants with multiple sampling points spread over a large area. This device allows you to ...

  • Suspension Bracket
    Showcase Product

    Suspension Bracket

    By Teledyne ISCO

    The ProHanger is designed to provide an easy, secure means of suspending down-hole equipment, eliminating the need to enter a manhole. It’s easily adjustable, and features double wingscrew locks. The low-profile ...

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  • Standards Official Notice - Effective July 2016

    ANSI/AWWA C215-16 Standard for Extruded Polyolefin Coatings for Steel Water Pipe (November 19, 2015)ANSI/AWWA C750-16 Standard for Transit-Time Fl

  • Weather Radar

    Weather Radar

    Weather radar systems provide data necessary for the understanding of weather systems, improved forecasts (especially critical for severe weather), ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Bertin Instruments

    Bertin Instruments

    Bertin Instruments is a French brand, part of CNIM Group, offering innovative measurement and sampling solutions in key markets all around the world. ...

  • Norditech Pty Ltd

    Norditech Pty Ltd

    Norditech Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company dedicated to delivering high quality environmental monitoring systems and services. With an in-depth ...

  • The OTT Hydromet Group

    The OTT Hydromet Group

    OTT Hydromet helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire water cycle. We go beyond simply providing solutions by ...