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  • Refinery Case Study

    Tangential Refinery Gas Fired Boiler NOx Controls Used: IFGRThis refinery client had to reduce their NOx emissions below 0.1 lb/mmbtu. The refinery installed a Patented ETEC IFGR NOx Control system, designed to provide 15% flue gas recirculation flow, on one of their boilers, a combustion engineering 550 klb/hr tangential refinery gas fired boiler. The subsequent IFG


Equipment & Solutions

  • Elemental Mercury (Hg) Calibration Unit

    Elemental Mercury (Hg) Calibration Unit

    The Tekran Model 3310 Elemental Mercury Calibrator allows high-level mercury monitoring systems to be accurately calibrated using elemental mercury. The Model 3310 allows both multi-point calibrations and standard additions to be automatically initiated. The unit generates known mercury concentrations using a NIST traceable temperature controlled saturated mercury vapor source. Precision mass ...