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  • Advanced Modulated Fluorometer
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    Advanced Modulated Fluorometer

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd

    The new OS5p+ is the most advanced addition to the ADC:OSI range of Chlorophyll Fluorometers. Weighing just 1.4kg and offering 12 hours of continuous use, the battery operated OS5p+ is set to offer new levels in ...

  • Macro Fluorescence Cuvette with Screw Cap
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    Macro Fluorescence Cuvette with Screw Cap

    By Precision Cells, Inc.

    Standard 10 mm fluorometer cuvette with screw cap. Precision Cells Type 41FL - 10mm cell has become a favorite among the scientists who perform anaerobic work. These cuvettes come with two different types of screw caps ...

  • Flow Through Fluorometer
    Showcase Product

    Flow Through Fluorometer

    By FIAlab Instruments Inc

    Conventional Configuration for Ultra High Sensitivity Fluorescence Measurement. The PMT-FL Flow Through Fluorometer is an ultra sensitive photomultiplier- based flow through detection system designed for monitoring of ...

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  • Turner Designs, Inc

    Turner Designs, Inc

    We specialize in the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds. We provide in-depth ...

  • Heinz Walz GmbH

    Heinz Walz GmbH

    Innovation and tradition: These are the driving forces which made the Heinz Walz GmbH one of the world’s top producers of highly sophisticated ...