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  • Food Safety Testing Market Analysis 2018-2025

    Food Safety Testing Market Analysis 2018-2025

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Equipment & Solutions

  • Food HACCP Therm

    Food HACCP Therm

    Traceable Food HACCP Thermometer’s easy-to-use membrane switches and rugged ABS body make it ideal for food labs, food processing, food preparation, and brewing. Waterproof construction allows for use in labs, plants, and all food areas. For versatility, unit combines non-contact, non-invasive, no-touch, infrared thermometer and piercing stainless-steel probe thermometer.

Upcoming Events

  • Analytics Vietnam 2021

    Analytics Vietnam 2021

    analytica Vietnam is the largest and only trade fair in the analysis, laboratory technology and biotechnology sector in Vietnam. The international trade fair is the most important industry gathering in Vietnam. Get to know the entire range of topics that pertain to laboratories in research and industry.