fuel leak monitoring

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  • Don’t steal our fuel! case study

    SOLID introduces a sophisticated fuel tank monitoring solution for remote electrical generators at distant and isolated sites such as cellular hubs. Monitoring and control operations are enabled as a combination of level measurement, web technology and cellular communications.Veolia and F.K. Generators Ltd, specializing in diesel generators, have chosen our solution for control and monitoring of ...


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  • Fixed Benzene-Specific Monitor

    Fixed Benzene-Specific Monitor

    Titan is the world`s first fixed, continuous, benzene-specific monitor. Designed for petrochemical environments, Titan monitors benzene in real-time providing the ultimate device for plant and worker safety. Set to change the game in refinery applications, Titan is the first truly selective fixed benzene monitor on the market. Titan is a fixed, continuous, real-time, benzene-specific monitor ...