Fugitive Emissions Monitoring

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  • Fugitive Emission Detector Gearbox
    Showcase Product

    Fugitive Emission Detector Gearbox

    By Rotork plc

    A new smart gearbox designed with an extra function for leak detection.

  • Kammprofile Gaskets
    Showcase Product

    Kammprofile Gaskets

    By LoneStar Group

    Kammprofile Gaskets are manufactured utilising a precision machined serrated insert sealing element with V-like cut grooves designed to entrap a sealing compound to create many individual seals across the face of a ...

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  • InspectionLogic Corporation

    Fugitive Emissions LDAR Experts! InspectionLogic Corp. develops and supports software products and training services that optimize operational and ...

  • DHV Industries, inc.

    DHV Industries, inc.

    DHV Industries, Inc. has produced Steel & Alloy Valves under the brand name “DHV” for the past 20 years. The exposure, penetration and acceptance of ...

  • M.T.M. Valves srl

    M.T.M. Valves srl

    M.T.M. VALVES srl is manufacturing Company of forged steel valves for petrochemical industry, chemical and refinering plants, energy power production ...

  • Midwest Production Service Inc

    Midwest Production Service Inc is an energy services company serving Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. Services provided are, but not limited ...


    We detect gas leaks using a state of the art infrared camera that displays gas leaks from volatile organic compounds and gases that are invisible to ...