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  • COSHH LEV for one of the UK’s Largest Universities - Case Study

    In early 2019 Exeter University made contact with Western Air Ducts to see whether as a company we have the scope and interest to look after the campus wide LEV systems they have.Exeter University is one of the leading universities in the UK, and although they cover many different core subjects they are particularly strong in life sciences and medicine. They current

  • Producer of dairy goods, France - Case Study

    “The BUCHI Syncore Polyvap 6 positions in combination with the Vacuum Pump V-700 Advanced, make life easier to all the technicians in the lab. We have improved the throughput and people work in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Automated Block Digestion

    Automated Block Digestion

    Vulcan is the first automated workstation to combine the two essential steps of sample preparation; digestions and aliquot transfer.