precision gas calibrator Articles

  • Environics - Reducing calibration gas cost by up to 60%

    EPA's appendix 'M' 40 CFR 51 reduces calibration gas cost by 60%By: Terrence P. Dunn, President of EnvironicsOn May 30, 1995, the EPA published the final version of Method 205 for inclusion in Appendix M of 40 CFR Part 51 entitled, 'Verification of Gas Dilution Systems for Field Instrument Calibrations.' Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) require ...

    By Environics, Inc.

  • Sonic nozzles for gas calibrators, when simplicity provides accuracy!

    Gas analyser’s calibration is a task required in many applications according to either legislation or quality systems management. This is the case for Air Pollution Monitoring or Continuous Emissions Monitoring devices installed in cabinets, for continuous analysis in remote locations. Measurements in traces range are performed and analytical devices specifications need to be validated and ...

    By LNI Swissgas SA

  • Primary Standard Gas Flow Calibration—The Only Guarantee of Accuracy

    At Sierra, we have a saying: “An instrument’s accuracy is only as good as its calibration.” The accuracy of your mass flow controller (MFC) is essential in assuring the efficiency, performance, and quality of your flow meter. In many cases, if your instrumentation is not calibrated, then a decline in performance is possible due to ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Providing Precision Flow Control Solutions for Critical Biomolecular Research

    When scientists at the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Biomolecular Sciences (CBS) in the United Kingdom needed instrumentation to control the flow of gases in their research, they turned to Litre Meter, a UK distributor for Sierra Instruments, and the SmartTrak 100 series mass flow meters and ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • Gas Dilution With The Equal Capillaries Technique

    The advantages of the equal capillaries technique are surprising and leads to reach accuracy values of one order of magnitude higher than all the other dynamic dilution techniques. This comparison will be supported by analyzing the accuracy available with two different techniques. Nozzles (sonic or non-sonic) technique With this technique, a series of different size nozzles is used ...

    By Be.T.A. Strumentazione Srl

  • Beer`s law

    The Beer-Lambert relationship (or Beer's law) states that the concentration C is directly proportional to the absorbance A. Generally, this relationship is more often applied by comparing the height of a maximum absorption peak of a reference gas to the height of the corresponding peak in a sample spectrum. However, this technique suffers if the baseline is not accurately known, and it fails ...

    By CIC Photonics, Inc.

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