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    The CoGDEM Guide to Gas Detection

    Industrial gas detectors form an important part of safety systems designed to protect users from the harmful effects of flammable, toxic or ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc.

    IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide for portable and stationary flue-gas analyzers. Furthermore, the ...

  • Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

    Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

    Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a ...

  • Trolex Limited

    Trolex Limited

    Trolex is at the forefront of safety monitoring and sensing technology. We are leaders in new developments and our products have pioneered many new ...

  • Pyreos Ltd

    Pyreos Ltd

    We are pioneering new opportunities in mid infrared sensing, providing rapid, accurate analysis where and whenever you need it. Visit our booth to ...

  • ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH

    ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH

    Planning, manufacturing, sale, installation and maintenance of gas detection systems and gas monitoring systems for combustible and toxic gases. Gas ...