Gas Dilution Sampling

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  • Gas Dilution With the Equal Capillaries Technique

    Gas Dilution With the Equal Capillaries Technique

    The advantages of the equal capillaries technique are surprising and leads to reach accuracy values of one order of magnitude better than all the other dynamic dilution techniques. This comparison will be supported by analyzing the accuracy available with two different techniques. Nozzles (sonic or non-sonic) technique With this technique, a series of different size nozzles is used

  • Dilution Air

    High Pressure BlowerThis Dilution Air application required a high-pressure blower on a process skid with a redundant fan and a direct drive motor. The high pressure blower design features a shrouded ...


  • Concentrated competence

    Concentrated competence

    The advanced test center extends the scope at the HORIBA site in Oberursel, Germany.Technology and know-how all from one supplier at the Oberursel siteOberursel as the headquarters of HORIBA Europe GmbH is also the location of a Test Center equipped ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Gas Diluter With Two Diluting Range

    Gas Diluter With Two Diluting Range

    BetaCAP30X100 is a gas divider in two stages with 100 + 30 equal capillaries, designed to operate 31 dilution ratios linearly scaled between 0 and 100%) and 30 more between 3.000: 1 and 100: 1. While the first range of dilutions gets the main application of the analyzers for emissions, the second is aimed to tests of analyzers air quality (immission).