Geophysical Monitoring

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Best underground water detectors 2020

    Best underground water detectors 2020

    The latest underground water detectors with long-range and geophysical detection techniques / Dst DetectorsThe best and most accurate techniques to locate under-groundwater with the Best intelligent detection and analysis systemsToday we will talk about 2 of the best water detectorsBest Long-Range water Detector aquaBest geophysical detection BR 750 PRO 2020 


  • Gold Detector 2020 With 9 advanced systems

    Gold Detector 2020 With 9 advanced systems

    Ajax Primero Gold Detector With 9 advanced systems for treasures DetectionMultiple functions in one device, Primero Gold Detector allows the user to use 9 advanced systems with accurate error-free performance to detect gold, treasures and metals ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grease Steel Dust Meter

    Grease Steel Dust Meter

    The New Cosmos SDM-72 grease steel dust meter employs a magnetic balance type electromagnet induction method as the measuring principle, and is a useful simplified diagnosis tool for inspecting the abrasion status of bearings and gears.