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  • Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments
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    Electromagnetic (EM) Survey Instruments

    By Geophex, Ltd.

    The GEM-3 configuration can be built as a GEM-3 array. The GEM-3 Array is a flat panel with a large transmitter coil along its perimeter and 3 , 5 or 7 equally-spaced receiver coils along its center line. This ...

  • Global Positioning Systems
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    Global Positioning Systems

    By GeoView, Inc.

    Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have greatly improved the speed and accuracy of many types of geophysical surveys. The GPS data can either be integrated into the geophysical equipment or used to record the positions of ...

  • Receiver System
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    Receiver System

    By Geonics Limited

    The EM16 VLF Receiver is the most widely used electromagnetic geophysical instrument of all time. Local tilt and ellipticity of VLF broadcasts are measured and resolved into inphase and quadrature components of VLF ...

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  • Zonge International

    Zonge International

    Zonge International serves geoscientists and engineers worldwide with geophysical field services, tools and expertise for the successful use of ...

  • IND.A.G.O. snc

    IND.A.G.O. snc

    we are an Italian Company –IND.A.G.O. snc, focused in Geophysical surveys applied in engineering works.We can support all kind of projects, thanks ...

  • Pico Envirotec Inc.

    Pico Envirotec Inc.

    Pico Envirotec continues development, supply and support of turn-key geophysical survey systems for airborne and ground applications. The strategic ...

  • McPhar International

    McPhar International

    The services we provide involve the acquisition of gravity and gravity gradient data, magnetic and magnetic gradient data, time and frequency domain ...

  • Geophysik GGD mbH

    Geophysik GGD mbH

    Recognizable complexity of the methodic approach and profoundness of geological interpretation characterize geophysical exploration and research ...