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Geophysical Surveys software for Monitoring and Testing

  • ABEM - Seismic Solutions

    The seismic method utilizes the reflection or refraction of sound waves off interfaces to determine the geological substructure and is one of the oldest geophysical methods, dating back to the 1800s. Beginning in the 1920s, ABEM has pioneered the development of seismographs for near-surface geophysical surveys from analogy to digital. The current ...

    By Guideline Geo based in Sundbyberg, SWEDEN.

  • GeoModeller - Version 3D - Geology Modeling and GIS Software

    GeoModeller is a software tool for 3D geological modelling. For building complex, steady state, 3D geology models – and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from solid 3D geology. Comprising a Geological Editor, Drill hole & grids/meshes management, Forward & inverse geophysics modules to manage and ...

  • Geophysics Software

    Paulsson, Inc. will work closely with the Operator to fully evaluate and document the objectives with the 3D VSP and shallow marine seismic survey. After the objectives are evaluated and documented, PI will work with Operator to assure that the 3D VSP or shallow marine seismic survey is optimally designed to yield desired image volume and fold ...

    By Paulsson, Inc. (PI) based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Version GPRSoft™ - GPR Data Post-processing Software

    GPRSoft™ is the affordable and user friendly solution for displaying, post-processing and interpreting ground penetrating radar data. With an intuitive interface and the shortest possible learning curve it allows you to focus on your work rather than on the tool you are using! GPRSoft™ has full support for data files from all the major ...

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN.

  • Version MSU-FS1D - 1D FDEM And MT Data Modeling Software

    MSU_FS1D software’s main purpose is to solve straight and inverse FES problems. It allows the calculation of all the components of a low-frequency field of basic dipole sources on the surface of a horizontally layered medium (taking into account its polarization). The program’s graphic user interface makes it possible to effectively ...

    By Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Geological Cross-Section (GCS) Software

    Geological Cross-Section (GCS) software is intended for constructing report quality geological cross-sections based on the results of profile interpretation of electromagnetic soundings. This program possesses a convenient, intuitively intelligible user interface and many special capabilities.

    By Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • EMIGMA - Version Premium Series - Airborne FEM Software

    The Airborne FEM software package also includes Ground FEM and is available as an add-on to other EMIGMA Premium licenses or as a standalone product. In the airborne FEM method, the transmitter and receiver coils are generally housed in a single case and are towed by a helicopter. Airborne FEM offers the advantage of collecting large amounts of ...

    By PetRos EiKon Incorporated based in Orangeville, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Data Acquisition Software

    State-of-the-art, multiple sensor, geophysical tools require robust and integrated acquisition and interpretation software to control, record, and interpret the large quantities of generated data. In addition to using several industry-standard advanced software data collection and analysis packages, UIT has developed proprietary data acquisition ...

    By UIT Underground Imaging Technologies based in Latham, NEW YORK (USA).

  • GeoPointer X - GIS package for Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

    GIS package for Ground Penetrating Radar applications. Combines the geolocation data obtained from a GPS receiver with the data obtained by the radar system. Accepts geolocation data produced by other software packages or hardware.

    By Geoscanners AB based in Boden, SWEDEN.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground penetrating radar is a non-destructive geophysical method that produces a continuous cross-sectional profile or record of subsurface features, without drilling, probing, or digging. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) profiles are used for evaluating the location and depth of buried objects and to investigate the presence and continuity of ...

    By GPR Data LLC based in Eugene, OREGON (USA).

  • GeoTom - Version CG - Seismic Tomography Software

    GeoTomCG can process and display 2-D and 3-D crosshole or VSP seismic or radar data. The display below shows calculated seismic velocities from a dam in Taiwan being investigated for earthquake damage1. S and R indicate source and receiver positions, respectively. The crosshatch pattern indicates areas with few raypaths. The investigators reported ...

    By GeoTom, LLC based in Apple Valley, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • Buried Metal Detection & Electromagnetic Conductivity Software

    Electromagnetic conductivity (also known as terrain conductivity or EM) measures the conductivity of the subsurface which includes soil, groundwater, rock, and objects buried in the ground. GeoModel, Inc. has conducted numerous electromagnetic conductivity (EM) surveys nationwide and worldwide using EM instruments for various applications.

    By GeoModel, Inc. based in Leesburg, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • ZondIP1d for Electrosounding Data Interpretation Software

    Zondip1d program is designed for one-dimensional resistivity and induced polarization vertical electrosounding data interpretation (with taking account frequency). A method of the vertical electrosounding (VES) is one of the oldest methods of electric prospecting. The first applications of method were in 20th years of XX century. Comparative ...

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Electrotomography and VES Software line

  • GeoModeller - Version 3D - Geophysical Software

    GeoModeller is software for building complex, steady-state 3D geological models, and performing forward & inverse geophysical modelling directly from your project. Comprising an intuitive editor, drill holes & grids/mesh managers, and modules for 2D/3D geophysical and geothermal modelling, and  1D/2D EM inversions - you can manage and ...

    By BRGM based in Orléans Cedex 2, FRANCE. from Scientific Output - Digital Data and Services - Scientific software Software line

  • SectionEditor for Quickly Building Geological Section with Interpretation’s Results

    In many cases, the geophysicist must quickly produce results of interpretation as geologo-geophysical sections. Using of special software for creating vector graphics takes many time and require special skills. SectionEditor allows You quickly build geological section with interpretation’s results obtained in Zond package. As input data the ...

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Utilites Software line

  • Z3DModView for Three-Dimensional Visualization of One- or Two-Dimensional Interpretation Results

    Z3DModelView software is designed for three-dimensional visualization of of one- or two-dimensional interpretation results from Zond software packet. In geophysical surveys, measurements usually got by a system of parallel lines. To better understand the structure of the site works such data useful to display in three dimensions. This allows us to ...

    By Zond Software based in Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA. from Utilites Software line

  • Version BHEditor - Software for Lithological Columns Creation

    BHEditor software is designed to geologically understand sections obtained with Zond software. In many cases, the binding of geophysical results is produced by the lithological columns or logs. Therefore, ability to display different types of apriori information during the geophysical interpretation of the data is very important.

    By Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS) based in North York, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Special Software Software line

  • Maptek Eureka - Mining Project Data Viewing and Analysing Software

    Maptek Eureka provides one integrated platform for viewing and analysing mining project data. Eureka 5 shares the Maptek Workbench environment with Vulcan, offering integrated workflows, data sharing and access to additional applications on a single platform.

    By Maptek Pty Ltd based in Glenside, AUSTRALIA.

  • Positioning & Surface Imaging Tools Software

    UIT obtains accurate data positioning information through the use of Real Time Kinematic Global Navigation Satellite Systems (RTK GNSS) and/or robotic total stations (RTS). With GPS or RTS sensors mounted directly to the geophysical hardware, UIT is routinely able to achieve sub-centimeter-level accuracy in positioning its multi-channel GPR and ...

    By UIT Underground Imaging Technologies based in Latham, NEW YORK (USA).

  • GPR-SLICE - Version v7.0 - Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging Software

    GPR-SLICE V7.0 (1994-2017)  is a comprehensive ground penetrating radar imaging software designed for creation of 2D/3D subsurface images for use in a variety of geotechnical, engineering and archaeological applications. GPR-SLICE began development in 1990 and became a full commercial software by 1994.   ...

    By Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory Inc. based in Woodland HIlls, CALIFORNIA (USA).

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