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  • Potential-Field Methods

    Magnetic Surveys Designed and performed a total-field magnetometer survey of a 26-acre wood-waste landfill in Omak, Washington. This magnetic survey was designed to detect buried metallic debris to a depth of 12 feet and was augmented by an EM-34 soil conductivity (soil mapping) survey. Total Field Magnetic Survey - Omak, WashingtonDesigned and performed (utilizing a total-fi


  • Foerster Ferex fills Magnetometer needs

    Foerster Ferex fills Magnetometer needs

    We`ve been admiring and talking about the Foerster Ferex for years and have recently purchased a unit for our inventory. We think this instrument complements our other offerings in magnetometers and clients will find it a good go-to mag.  The ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Borehole Gradiometer

    Borehole Gradiometer

    Durable Detector Locates large ferrous metal objects by being lowered into drilled boring holes. If you don’t want to miss the presence of any ferrous metal in the ground, you can rely on the Bore Hole Gradiometer (BHG). Featuring two sensors, it works similarly to a magnetic locator and can even be used in water, making it ideal for construction companies.