Ground Gas Monitoring

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  • Ground Module

    Ground Module

    BEST Grounding ModulePerformance and characteristics of BEST grounding module:The low-resistance grounding module is a non-metallic material-based grounding body composed of non-metallic minerals with good conductivity and chemical stability, metal ground rods, electrolytes and humectants. Ground Module 

  • What is IAQ? Indoor Air Quality?

    What is IAQ? Indoor Air Quality?

    Mold To most people IAQ i.e. Indoor Air Quality; is just mold. Although mold is often an element of indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, it is certainly not the only situation adversely affecting us in ...


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  • CO2 Reactivity Test Furnace

    CO2 Reactivity Test Furnace

    The CRF/1 CO2 reactivity test furnace complies with the Standard test method for the determination, by a loss in mass method, of the reactivity to carbon dioxide of calcined petroleum coke used in the manufacture of anodes for the production of aluminium.