Ground Gas Monitoring

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  • Gas Seal
    Showcase Product

    Gas Seal

    By RIW Ltd

    Gas Seal HC is a 0.5mm thick, unique blended polyethylene membrane, for use where protection against ground gas and hydrocarbons are required. It can be seam welded to form a monolithic membrane, but the laps can ...

  • Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier
    Showcase Product

    Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier

    By Visqueen Building Products

    Visqueen GX Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier is an enhanced polymer modified flexible membrane designed to comply with current guidance on Hydrocarbons. Manufactured using the latest extrusion technology and drawing on our ...

  • Pre-Welded Gas Membranes for Domestic Housing
    Showcase Product

    Pre-Welded Gas Membranes for Domestic Housing

    By Butek Landline

    The company can supply pre-welded Landflex panels or trays to house builders and developers. Panels are pre-welded in factory controlled conditions and are sized and shaped to suit individual house plots. This removes ...

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    We are trying to full fill the total requirements of Oil and Gas field industries at Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. We are mainly dealing the ...

  • sz energy

    sz energy

    a consulting company specialized in unconventional gas

  • H2W LLC

    H2W LLC

    H2W, manufacturers are able to penetrate markets quicker and enjoy larger bottom line returns. H2W connects manufacturers and distributors around the ...

  • Geo Environmental Engineering

    Geo Environmental Engineering

    Geo Environmental Engineering is a geotechnical and environmental consultancy dealing in the design, implementation and project management of cost ...

  • Genivar inc

    Genivar inc

    GENIVAR, through its combination with WSP, is one of the world’s leading professional services firms, working with governments, businesses, ...