Ground Gas Monitoring

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  • Gas Membrane
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    Gas Membrane

    By Butek Landline

    Six principal gas membranes are offered, each developed for specific applications including methane: Landflex ZR60 is a high performance reinforced aluminium foil polyethylene composite, most usually used in domestic ...

  • Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier
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    Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier

    By Visqueen Building Products

    Visqueen GX Flexi Hydrocarbon Barrier is an enhanced polymer modified flexible membrane designed to comply with current guidance on Hydrocarbons. Manufactured using the latest extrusion technology and drawing on our ...

  • Gas Seal
    Showcase Product

    Gas Seal

    By RIW Ltd

    Gas Seal HC is a 0.5mm thick, unique blended polyethylene membrane, for use where protection against ground gas and hydrocarbons are required. It can be seam welded to form a monolithic membrane, but the laps can ...

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