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  • Recycling Facilities Can Be Hazardous to Workers’ Health

    Recycling Facilities Can Be Hazardous to Workers’ Health

    A great majority of municipalities and private companies in the United States have recycling facilities where metal, glass, chemicals, paper, wood, batteries, electronics, and clothing are deposited from collection trucks, and sorted by workers, usually along conveyor belts. The workers in these facilities are potentially exposed to a wide variety of health hazards.Vehicle Exhaust


  • Burmese water quality mapped out

    Burmese water quality mapped out

    The Royal Eijkelkamp Foundation is supporting Lex van Gelder in two water-related projects in Burma (also known as Myanmar).In October 2013, Lex and his wife Rini, visited Burma once again for the first project. They have already used some of the ...

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  • VOC Removal Device

    VOC Removal Device

    The technique used to fill a VOA vial is at least as important a source of variance in VOC analysis as is well purging protocol or sampler design. The more the sample stream is agitated or exposed to the air during the transfer of sample from the bailer to the vial, the lower the concentration detected in the vial will be. The greatest loss of VOC`s occurs when the sample is simply poured into ...