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  • Disposable Bailers-Polyethylene
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    Disposable Bailers-Polyethylene

    By Voss Technologies, Inc.

    HDPE, PTFE, Clear Poly and PVC Bailers. Save time in the field and work smarter by using Single Sample Disposable bailers. SingleSample disposable bailers eliminate field cleaning and cross contamination. Features ...

  • Bailer Retrieval System
    Showcase Product

    Bailer Retrieval System

    By Voss Technologies, Inc.

    It`s easy to use, eliminates cross-contamination and speeds up sampling. You know the routine: Drop it in. Pull it out. Drop it in. Pull it out. Drop it in. Pull it out. And so on. Well now there is an easier way: The ...

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  • Aqua Bailers, Inc.

    Aqua Bailers, Inc.

    In September 1994, Aqua Bailers, Inc. began producing and distributing a variety of groundwater bailers to clients worldwide. Environmental ...

  • Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows

    Ben Meadows Company provides quality environmental products and supplies for the outdoor professional. From soil augers to dissolved oxygen meters... ...

  • Clearwater Bailer & Filter

    Clearwater Bailer & Filter

    Clearwater Bailer & Filter is the world leader in designing and manufacturing disposable groundwater sampling devices. We are very proud of the fact ...