Groundwater Monitoring Videos

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    Trident HS - Bloomfield, New Mexico

    The Trident HS package treatment system provides multi-barrier protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water, and tertiary wastewater. The multi-barrier design of the Trident HS, which consists of packaged high-rate settling, adorption clarification, mixed media filtration and optional UV disinfection, is the latest improvement of the original Trident ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    Surfactant Electrodes for Non-Aqueous Titrations Video

    Celaning and storage of surfactant electrodes for non-aqueous ...

    By Metrohm AG

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    GVP Kit 2014 Video

    AMS has been a leader in soil gas sampling technologies since the development of the “original” AMS gas vapor probe. Initially designed to take shallow gas vapor samples in soils to depths of about 4 feet, new technologies are allowing newer versions of the AMS gas vapor probe to easily sample to 12 feet, depending on soil conditions. AMS has developed and patented the dedicated AMS ...

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    Hex Quick Pin Complete Video

    You asked for it and we listened. No more threaded connections! The New AMS 3-1/4” Hex Quick Pin Sampling Kit allows for collection of both disturbed & relatively undisturbed core samples down to a depth of 12ft. This kit features hardened steel male/female hex connections that accept standard 3/8” snapper pins or heat treated 3/8” U-clips. The simplicity of the snap pins is ...

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    Using AMS Hollowstem Kit Video

    AMS Hollowstem Auger Kits prevent cross contamination with a cased access hole and provides the tools needed to reach a 6' depth. The augers cut a 3" diameter hole and have an ID of 1 1/8", making them suitable for soil, soil gas and groundwater sampling through a cased hole. A special hollowstem soil probe, 7/8" OD by 24" long with slide hammer is included to allow collection of a soil sample ...

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    9630 VTR Video

    The 9630 VTR combines all the necessary components to make one great direct push unit. It's compact, rugged, versatile, and will go just about ...

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    Aquaread GPS LeveLine Meter Video

    The GPS LeveLine Meter is designed to be used with all LeveLine Water Level and Temperature loggers. The meter has many uses including LeveLine setup, data download and the novel GPS embedding feature which tags the LeveLines deployment location into the ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    Aquaread LeveLine Mini Water Level & Temperature Sensor Video

    Our LeveLine Mini water level and temperature sensor is the smaller version of our LeveLine meter, without the internal memory or power. Constructed with high quality stainless steel and features sensitive pressure and temperatures. We have specifically designed this product to help reduce your monitoring costs. View our video to find out ...

    By Aquaread Limited

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    Ultra-Self Bailer- Passively Filter Hydrocarbons From Stormwater Video

    The best protection for non-monitored containment sites. Helps eliminate problems associated with the collection of rainwater in outdoor containment products. Simple installation - can be connected to any outdoor containment product. Hydrocarbon "sheens" and modest spills are captured - clean stormwater drains through the outflow port. Larger or concentrated spills activate "auto-shutoff" ...

    By Ready Containment, LLC

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    Bore Hole Inspection CCTV water well camera - Video

    Video recorded in a water well in Northern Italy ...

    By PASI s.r.l.

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    BioJet Animation - Video

    This video presents an animated subsurface view of BioJet technology in action. This video demonstration was created by Hayward Baker, Inc. and is made available through EOS Remediation, LLC. For over a decade EOS Remediation has been the leading provider of in situ bioremediation products that reengineer the groundwater environment transforming contaminants into non-toxic end products. We offer ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC

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    AMS 9700-VTR PowerProbe Direct Push Drilling & Augering Machine - Video

    The track-mounted 9700-VTR PowerProbe™ is powered by liquid-cooled, 100 HP diesel engine. The rig comes standard with a powerful 550 ft-lb. hydralic hammer that allows you to drive 1 5/8in, 2 3/8in, and 3 1/2in direct push tooling as deep as 100 feet, depending on the lithology. The 80in probe stroke with 34,000 lb. downforce and 48,000 lb. pullback allows the operator to use 4-foot or ...

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    Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 Engineering Test at Silver Lake, MA Video

    Grasspave2 permeable pavement and Gravelpave2 porous paver test at Silver Lake, MA. Testing for durability, aesthetics, water quality and ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

  • SebaFlow Zone Monitoring & Flow Measurement | Preasure and Flow Measurement Video

    In this video we show you SebaFlow – Continuous zone monitoring and flow measurement with ultrasonics from SebaKMT. Subscribe us: More Information: Website: Product: SebaFlow Continuous zone monitoring and flow measurement with ultrasonics - Maintenance-free flow measurement - Early leak ...

    By Sebakmt UK Ltd

  • Mag Drive Vane Pumps Model HTP - Video

    Magnetic drive rotary vane pumps model HTP are volumetric pumps suitable to transfer chemicals, dangerous liquids, hydrocarbons, pyrophorics, heat transfer oils, cryogenics and refrigerants. The vanes are made of carbon graphite and they are extremely resistant to chemicals. Especially designed for applications where a high pressure and low flow are required. Dry self-priming mag drive sealless ...

    By GemmeCotti Srl

  • Noggin: Adaptable, High Performance GPR -Video

    Noggin GPR systems provide subsurface insights for many applications including concrete structure assessment, road and bridge deck maintenance, mining, subsurface utility mapping/engineering (SUM/SUE), environmental investigations, archaeology, forensics, mapping geologic structure, glacier profiling and geotechnical surveys. Noggins are rugged and reliable and can be deployed in different ...

    By Sensors & Software Inc.

  • K2 Plus Condensate Pump - Video

    The condensate pump K2 plus works dependably to remove acidic condensate from gas and oil condensing boilers, air conditioning systems, air dehumidifiers and cooling units. The K2 plus satisfies the highest requirements. It is distinguished not only by its modern design but above all by its consistently quiet operation, its compact tank dimensions and its reliability. The pump is ready to ...

    By Jung Pumpen GmbH

  • Legionella Ecology & Intro to Env Health & Engineering for Outbreaks Video

    This is the first in a series of six videos for state and local health department employees on environmental aspects of legionellosis outbreak investigations. Learn why and where Legionella amplifies as well as the basics of how cooling towers, premise plumbing, and whirlpool spas ...

    By Biosan Laboratories, Inc.

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