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  • Degassing Refrigerators - Drill-head and Piercing-plier

    Degassing Refrigerators - Drill-head and Piercing-plier

    1. For what purpose do we have to degas a refrigerator?A refrigerator has to be disposed as hazardous waste. The refrigerants inside a hazardous refrigerator are harmful for the environment (ozone depleting and greenhouse effect).Most common refrigerants are; R12, R134a and R600a. The uncommon is the removal of NH3.Refrigerants are developed to dissolve very easily into


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  • SPB<sup></sup>-624 Capillary GC Column

    SPB-624 Capillary GC Column

    L × I.D. 75 m × 0.53 mm, df 3.00 μm General description Application: This column is specially tested for separation, efficiency, and low bleed. It is designed for purge-and-trap analyses of volatile halogenated, non-halogenated, and aromatic contaminants from environmental samples. USP Code: This column meets USP G43 requirements. Phase: • Bonded • Proprietary Temperature ...