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  • Headspace Samplers
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    Headspace Samplers

    By Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

    Premier Solution for Volatile Component Analysis: Principle of headspace (HS) analysis: A sample is sealed inside a HS vial, and the VOCs in the sample are allowed to reach equilibrium between the gas and liquid phases ...

  • Decapper Module
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    Decapper Module

    By CTC Analytics AG

    Opens/closes 2, 10, 20 mL screw cap vials without any change of hardware (no adapters required). A defined torque guarantees the reproducible and leak-tight closing of headspace vials. PAL Re-Cap vials ensure consistent ...

  • Headspace Can Piercer Analysers
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    Headspace Can Piercer Analysers

    By MOCON Europe A/S (Dansensor)

    The Dansensor Can Piercer is an option for our CheckMate 3 and CheckPoint 3 headspace analysers. The Can Piercer can, among others, be used for measuring headspace in the following packaging types:

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  • OVT Environmental Products

    OVT Environmental Products

    South Florida based environmental products company providing the biodegradable, lightweight soil headspace testing container. This product has ...