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Helium Monitoring equipment for Monitoring and Testing available in Florida

  • INFICON - Model UL5000 - Dry Helium Leak Detector

    The INFICON UL5000 Helium Leak Detector is designed to meet the most critical and demanding leak detection applications. Featuring INFICON proprietary software algorithms I-CAL and Hydro-S in a field-proven vacuum design, the UL5000 provides testing flexibility, high sensitivity and quick accurate results making any leak detection application fast ...

    By INFICON based in East Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA). from Dry Helium Leak Detector Product line

  • Spares

    Following the decision to invest in expensive equipment, there would be little point in then using sub-standard spares. This is why Vaseco are recognised for only providing high quality spares from major original manufacturers.

    By Vaseco Limited based in Winsford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Spares Product line

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum - Model ASM 380 - Universal Voltage For High Backing Pump

    High backing pump capacity (35 m3/h) and high helium pumping speed. Fast time to test: unrivalled performances from small to large volumes. Narrow design and higly maneuverable. Customizable operator interface with 360° viewing. Integrated SD card for data processing.

    By Pfeiffer Vacuum based in Asslar, GERMANY. from Universal Voltage For High Backing Pump Product line

  • Spectropur - Model MV1 - Diaphragm Valves

    Metal-to-metal seal to atmosphere using metal diaphragms. Design optimized for low flow restriction and thorough electropolishing of the internal surfaces. All gas-wetted parts made of stainless steel SS 316L, Hastelloy C276 and PCTFE or PVDF respectively. Fully functional even when valve is evacuated. Welded valve stem / diaphragm assembly. No ...

    By Spectron Gas Control Systems GmbH based in Frankfurt, GERMANY. from Diaphragm Valves Product line

  • ATC - Electron Beam Welding Machine

    Our specialty is working with you to develop the best method for joining difficult to weld materials and/or complex geometry. ATCo utilizes high voltage style electron beam welders which permit a narrower beam profile and lower distortion than low voltage style machines. ATCo is vertically integrated; self-sufficient in developing tooling, ...

    By Advanced Technology Company (ATCO) based in Pasadena, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Analox - Model ATA Pro - Trimix Analyser System

    The only true trimix analyser available on the market, the ATA Pro allows you to accurately plan for your dive. The Analox ATA Pro is a true trimix analyser offering accurate readings of helium, oxygen and balance gas. Fitted with a unique helium sensor zero function, which fully compensates for the presence of oxygen, the ATA Pro offers users a ...

    By JFD Ltd based in Inchinnan Business Park, UNITED KINGDOM. from Trimix Analyser System Product line

  • GasCheck Tesla - Handheld Helium Leak Detector

    GasCheck Tesla is a highly sensitive helium leak detector designed for effective use within high magnetic fields found around the outside of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. The instrument's advanced micro thermal conductivity sensor provides rapid, accurate measurement of helium leaks down to ultra-low levels.

    By Ion Science Ltd. based in Royston, UNITED KINGDOM. from Handheld Helium Leak Detector Product line

  • LYOPLUS - Mass Spectrometer

    LYOPLUS mass spectrometer is a multi-purpose measurement device for pharma freeze dryers helps save money and time. The system is able to work alongside any existing PLC / SCADA system as a stand alone unit or fully integrated within the control system. It can also be operated independently as a monitoring system that does not interfere with any ...

    By GEA Group based in Schkopau, GERMANY. from Mass Spectrometer Product line

  • Analox - Model SDA - Helium - Saturation Control Gas Monitoring

    The SDA Helium (He) monitor is part of a range of panel/rack mountable atmosphere detection monitors designed for commercial diving in mind.

    By Analox Sensor Technology based in Stokesley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Helium - Saturation Control Gas Monitoring Product line

  • Flexcon - Model FLEX2PRO H2P - Well Tanks

    Meet the improved FLEX2PRO H2PLS composite tank. We put two stainless steel reinforced side flexports in our tank for increased installation options. It's 50% lighter than conventional steel tanks which means it's also 50% easier to handle and install. Plus, its non-corrosive composite construction sets the standard for performance and durability. ...

    By Flexcon Industries based in Randolph, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Well Tanks Product line

  • VeGA Cryo - Model 1-6940 - Control Valve

    VeGA Cryo 1-6940 control valves are designed for very low temperatures (up to -196°C) encountered in the cryogenic industry and in natural gas liquefying plants (NGL). Made with materials selected specifically for this type of service, Vega Cryo valves are normally tested immersed in liquid nitrogen, using helium as the test fluid in ...

    By Parcol S.p.A. based in Canegrate (MI), ITALY.

  • Telpro - Tubular Anodes

    TELPRO Tubular Anodes are manufactured using titanium, which meets ASTM B338 Grade 1 or Grade 2 standards, which has been coated with TELPRO Mixed Metal Oxide coating. TELPRO MMO coating consists of IrO2/Ta2O5 and is suitable for use in all cathodic protection applications. Because mixed metal oxide anodes have an extremely low consumption rate, ...

    By Titanium Electrode Products Inc. based in Stafford, TEXAS (USA).

  • Helium Leak Detectors

    Our knowledge and experience in the field enabled us to select a premium range of helium leak detectors that meet all customer requirements. You can be confident that all helium leak detectors available are of the highest quality, and are supported by unrivaled technical assistance, personal service and back up.

    By Vaseco Limited based in Winsford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Helium Leak Detectors Product line

  • Ultra High Purity Gas Delivery Systems

    SVCS takes advantage of many years of experience in manufacturing tailored gas panels and gas systems for various wafer production technologies, as well as various R&D customised panels. SV DELI gas delivery system family offers a high level of technical design, components from the world leaders and a fully automatic control system with ...

    By SVCS Process Innovation s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC.

  • NOSHOK - Model 2070 Series - 2-Valve Block & Bleed, Hard Seat Needle Valves

    Combines isolating and venting in a single valve, eliminating the need for tubing and fittings. Block valve isolates the downstream process fluids, and the bleed valve exhausts upstream fluids enabling instruments to be removed without disturbing the permanent piping installation. The 1/4' NPT vent plug is located 90° to the left and may be ...

    By NOSHOK, Inc. based in Berea, OHIO (USA). from 2-Valve Block & Bleed, Hard Seat Needle Valves Product line

  • Analox - Model ATA Pro - Replacement Helium Sensor

    This product is a replacement helium sensor for the ATA Pro trimix analyser.

    By Analox Sensor Technology based in Stokesley, UNITED KINGDOM. from Replacement Helium Sensor Product line

  • NOSHOK - Model 200 Series - Multiport, Hard Seat Needle Valves

    Multiport design reduces the number of gauge and other instrument connections to permanent piping installations, decreasing possible leak paths. Optional bleed plugs further allow pressure to be bled off without disturbing the permanent piping installation. 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability. 10,000 ...

    By NOSHOK, Inc. based in Berea, OHIO (USA). from Multiport, Hard Seat Needle Valves Product line

  • NOSHOK - Model 600 Series - Block & Bleed, Hard Seat Needle Valves

    Block & bleed design allows pressure to be bled off without disturbing the permanent piping installation, allowing quick and easy removal or replacement of instruments. 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and reliability. 10,000 psi pressure rating @ 200 °F. Blow-out proof stem provides a secondary stem seal ...

    By NOSHOK, Inc. based in Berea, OHIO (USA). from Block & Bleed, Hard Seat Needle Valves Product line

  • CiphercoN - Model 1500 - Fully Automated Haz Gas Cabinet

    CiphercoN 1500 Fully Automated Gas Cabinet is representative of SDC’s continuous drive and commitment to providing the industry’s safest and most reliable Ultra-High- Purity (UHP) specialty gas equipment available. Mass customization and modular design concepts of the gas panels, controls architecture and cabinet enclosure have ...

    By CVD Equipment Corporation based in Central Islip, NEW YORK (USA). from Fully Automated Haz Gas Cabinet Product line

  • VIC - Model HRS - Helium Recovery Systems

    Introducing a solution to lower the cost associated with tracer gas consumption While industries strive to meet increasing demands to offer higher quality products at lower prices, the need to efficiently recycle process gas becomes apparent. Helium Recovery features a group of high efficiency gas recycling systems that significantly reduce tracer ...

    By Vacuum Instrument Corporation (VIC) based in Ronkonkoma, NEW YORK (USA). from Helium Recovery Systems Product line

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