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  • All-in-one Purification System
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    All-in-one Purification System

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    The PrepChrom C-700 offers an interactive user interface, and simultaneously enables an easy and fast purification process. The high performance preparative chromatography system allows running both flash and ...

  • Purification System
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    Purification System

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

    The Reveleris PREP purification system is a powerful, high-performance system that combines flash chromatography and preparative LC capabilities in a single intuitive instrument. The advanced dual-mode system serves the ...

  • SupelMIP Clenbuterol 25 mg / 10 mL
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    SupelMIP Clenbuterol 25 mg / 10 mL

    By Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

    Developed and optimized for the selective extraction of clenbuterol from biological samples. The MIP phase offers high recoveries, and it`s enhanced selectivty allow for detection limits of 0.5 ng/mL using HPLC-UV ...

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  • GE Healthcare Life Sciences

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences

    At GE Healthcare Life Sciences, we strive to develop breakthrough products that inspire our customers to push the limits of imaginative science.

  • Molnar-Institute


    Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography is the home of DryLab software for state-of-the-art HPLC method development, HPLC courses, and ...

  • IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science designs, develops, and manufactures liquid subassemblies and precision components for a wide range of applications requiring ...

  • Fortis Technologies Ltd

    Fortis Technologies Ltd

    Fortis Technologies is a research driven company founded on Research, Development and Manufacture of the latest HPLC and UHPLC columns. Established ...



    ANAHEM is an independent, innovative, and experienced analytical laboratory that provide clients in the environmental, food and various process ...