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Buck Scientific - Model BLC-30 - Variable Wavelength Isocratic HPLC

by Buck Scientific Inc     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The BLC-30 Series Analytical HPLC systems use a high-quality, precision monochromator based spectrophotometer for a full range of wavelengths from 190-800nm for selective analyses integrated into a complete LC package. The 20-series is easily upgraded to a gradient System with the PeakSimple controller & Software, optional semi-prep systems ...

Buck Scientific - Model BLC-10 - Educational Fixed Wavelength Isocratic HPLC Package

by Buck Scientific Inc     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The BLC-10 can operate to system pressures of 3000 PSI. It comes equipped with the standard 'PAEK™' valve. There is no pressure read out on these units. System pressure is obtained using the Buck-Chrom software. Our fixed wavelength systems are available in either 'SS' or 'PEEK'' configurations for the same price.

Buck Scientific - Model BLC-20G - HPLC Variable Wavelength Binary Gradient

by Buck Scientific Inc     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Gradient HPLC is the ideal technique for analyzing complex samples, while isocratic HPLC is often used for simple mixtures. During gradient HPLC, the strength of the solvent that carries the sample is increased, while in isocratic HPLC, it remains the same. The advantages of gradient HPLC are more specific results in the sample identification and ...

Buck Scientific - Model BLC-20PG - Semi-Preparative Binary Gradient HPLC With UV/VIS Detector

by Buck Scientific Inc     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

Complex Gradient Elutions are a snap with the BLC-20PG semi-prep Gradient HPLC. Adding a second pump saves you time and money when dealing with multi component separations.  Samples which occupy more than 40% of the separation space should be done by gradient elution. The semi-prep pump is rated at 40ml per minute, allowing larger sample ...

Buck Scientific - Model BLC-20P HPLC - Isocratic Semi-Preparitive

by Buck Scientific Inc     Distributor in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The BLC-20P from Buck Scientific is an isocratic, semi-preparative HPLC system with variable wavelength detector. The BLC-20P can be programmed with a flow rate as high as 40 ml/min. The pump head can also be swapped out for our standard 10 ml/min analytical pump head.

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