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  • Sterilizing and Reusing N95 Respirators

    Sterilizing and Reusing N95 Respirators

    Overview Personal protection equipment (“PPE”)includes the gloves, gowns, N95 respiratory masks, and other items required by doctors, nurses, andother healthcare personnelresponsible for treating patients, including those suffering from infectious diseases. As has become evident in the current COVID-19 emergency affecting the globe, during a crisis, these critical items may not ...


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  • Portable Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers

    Portable Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers

    The AMI model 3000RS portable analyzer is the industry standard analyzer for spot checking and trouble-shooting trace hydrogen sulfide in gas systems. Hydrogen sulfide is a “sticky” gas – it sticks to the surface of all the tubing and sample components. The 3000RS minimizes the length of the sample plumbing by making use of the AMI patented cell block principle, modified for use ...