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  • How do you test for data trends?

    How do you test for data trends?

    IntroductionA data trend denotes a correlation that exists between concentration and time or spatial location. It can also refer to a variation in the characteristics of a population with another variable in a predictable fashion. Data trends can either take an increasing, decreasing or cyclic format—this article address how to test for data trends with particular emphasis on

  • Sensors provide Iowa flood warnings

    Sensors provide Iowa flood warnings

    To create the world’s most sophisticated flood monitoring and forecasting system, the Iowa Flood Center (IFC) uses more than 200 Senix ToughSonic 30 and ToughSonic 50 ultrasonic sensors to ...


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  • Optical Rain Gauge

    Optical Rain Gauge

    OSi’s ORG (Optical Rain Gauge) is a superior tool for rain measurement. The ORG is the only instrument available to measure true rain rate. This means you avoid the reading errors due to mechanical limitations, which plague other low-tech gauges. No other rain sensor comes close to the ORG in performance and features. Our scintillation technology has undisputed advantages over the ...