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  • The benefits of a Force-Balanced Sensor

    Your project needs the precision to monitor movement as fine as 1 µG or µradian, but there will also be a lot surrounding noise and vibration that you don’t want to interfere with your readings. If you’re working on something like this, a sensor with force-balanced technology is the answer and here is why.


Equipment & Solutions

  • Inclinometer for Slope Detection of Moving Weir Flaps

    Inclinometer for Slope Detection of Moving Weir Flaps

    The new electronic NDW 2 inclinometer utilises a modern measurement method based on MEMS technology for gravitational inclination measurement (rotational angle measurement). By detecting inclination without the use of shafts it is possible to capture the position of movable weir flaps or other movable and inclinable components such as sluice boards or slide valves without any problems. Overflow ...