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  • Parachute refurbishment facility - Case Study

    NASA Parachute Refurbishment Facility - Kennedy Space Center, Florida Part of the NASA Space Shuttle program included the retrieving and refurbishing of components for reuse, including the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) parachutes. The parachutes deploy and slow the descent of the SRB’s and help the Boosters land softly in the ocean off the coast of Cape Canaveral, Flo


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  • Smart Sample Conditioning System for on-line Process Analyzer

    Smart Sample Conditioning System for on-line Process Analyzer

    A reliable Sample Conditioning System (SCS) for an on-line process analyzer is a prerequisite for analyzer reliability. Many published articles suggest greater than 65% of analyzer reliability failures are due to the SCS. Failures are generally reported as an analyzer measurement issue, but maintenance records typically point to the SCS as a root cause of the failure.

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  • The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    The Water Expo 2020 (9th Edition)

    TWE is a major trade show and conference presenting equipment, technologies, products & know-how for the WASTEWATER, SEWER INFRASTRUCTURE, ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, PORTABLE SANITATION, WATER QUALITY & HIGH PRESSURE industries. By ATTENDING The Water Expo you can: - meet major suppliers - get the best deals - increase your professional value - connect with innovation - scout ...

FABTECH - 2020

Nov. 18rd - 20th | Las Vegas