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  • Fast, Frozen, Convenience-Tunnel Freezers

    Fast, Frozen, Convenience-Tunnel Freezers

    Frozen foods first became commercially viable in the 1930s, thanks in large part to Clarence Birdseye. He is credited with inventing the double-belt freezer, the forerunner to modern quick-freeze technology, which includes the tunnel freezers used by most major food processors in North America.Frozen foods offer many benefits to today’s busy consumers, including convenience; minimal ...


  • IPP&T Features TOC analyzer

    Those responsible for managing wastewater run-off treatment from commercial or private airports, aerospace industry facilities, military bases and chemical processing plants will want to learn more about how the advanced Total Organic Carbon (TOC) ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • UV Vis Diode-Array Spectrophotometer

    UV Vis Diode-Array Spectrophotometer

    Diode array spectrophotometer for working in the UV- and Vis-range. The UV/Vis spectrophotometer SPECORD S 600 combines the precision and convenient handling needed in laboratories with speed, reliability and superior optical performance. This simultaneous high-performance diode array spectrophotometer works precise, fast, simultaneous.

Upcoming Events

  • 1-day Hands-on FTIR Training

    1-day Hands-on FTIR Training

    This course covers all the practical theory about Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy. It will review the EM spectrum focussing on the IR region. It will detail the characteristics absorption spectra of various compounds such as alkanes, alkynes, alcohols, esters, ethers, and will provide examples in the form of exercises for IR interpretation. The course will review the different components ...