Infrastructure Mapping

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Road Clinic to Vegagerdin, Iceland - Case Study

    Road Clinic to Vegagerdin, Iceland - Case Study

    Roadscanners delivered Road Doctor Survey Van RDSV to Vegagerdin, Iceland year 2018 Roadscanners has commissioned and built a Road Doctor Survey Van (RDSV) - a Road Clinic for road surveys, diagnostics and design for Vegagerdin, Icelandic Road and Coastal ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Portable Radar Interferometer

    Portable Radar Interferometer

    The GPRI uses a novel imaging approach with a rotating array of real-aperture antennas that permits covering a very large field of view. The GPRI is very mobile and can quickly be mounted in a new site as it can be operated from a tripod. Measuring with high gain real-aperture antennas limits the signal noise and being affected by decorrelation during an aperture synthesis. Consequently, reliable ...