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Inspection Systems software for Monitoring and Testing

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    The perfect portable solution for field work data aquisition - live video capture.

    By PS Hard- & Software GmbH based in Oberstdorf, GERMANY.

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    DVRlive - The Digital Video Recorder within your PC

    PIPEX automatically starts recording of the camera inspection at the start of a new survey. The recording is paused automatically during editing of observations if desired. The user can also pause recording manually if necessary. The recorded movies are all managed by the program. Every survey movie is being stored in a separate movie file. If a ...

    By PS Hard- & Software GmbH based in Oberstdorf, GERMANY.

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    PIPEX - The Ultimate Pipe Explorer Software

    PIPEX is a key element of a variety of products for CCTV inspection. A skilled team of engineers and technicians is responsible for maintainance and development of the whole range of products and also for service and hotline. The fundamentals of all development is bearing reference to practical work with our products and a close relationship to ...

    By PS Hard- & Software GmbH based in Oberstdorf, GERMANY.

  • Accela - Land Management Software

    Move paper-based services to the cloud to elevate your community development and growth. When you are up to your eyelids in paperwork and time-intensive processes it’s tough to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Accela’s Land Management solutions on the Civic Platform move your planning, permitting, inspection and code enforcement ...

    By Accela, Inc. based in San Ramon, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Zarbeco - Version FocusLock™ - Program Software

    FocusLock is a software program which can enhance the depth of focus of images from a microscope or video inspection system. Turn on FocusLock and the software does the rest. As the user turns the focus knob on the microscope, FocusLock scans the image, and locks onto the in-focus portion. It then produces a completely in-focus picture directly on ...

    By Zarbeco LLC based in Randolph, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Version WinCanV8 - Pipe Inspection Software

    WinCan V8 is the latest version of the market leader in pipe inspection software. It has already been successfully translated into 41 languages and contains the associated input standards and export formats. WinCan V8 is compatible with all major inspection systems and supports the methods for virtual pipe-unfold like DigiSewer or Panoramo. WinCan ...

  • WinCan - Touchscreen Software Module

    Touchscreen data entry and a large video display make ProTouch the ideal standalone app for tablet-based documentation of push camera inspections.

    By CD Lab AG based in Murten, SWITZERLAND.

  • ci-Tec - Version Inspect Pro Control Z - Optimizing Zinc Yield Based On Infrared Camera Data Software

    The inspect pro control Z system processes image data from infrared cameras which can visualize deep into the rotary kiln past the ames. It filters out disturbances, calculates the necessary characteristics of the recycling process, and optimizes the combustion process.

    By ci-Tec GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • Hazmat360

    Web based SaaS software system for inspections, data management and reporting of ACM (asbestos containing material), lead and other hazardous materials. Using any Internet browser access your code enforcement system applications 24/7 anywhere anytime.

    By Limited based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA).

  • Version WinCan VX - Software for Inspection and Management

    The WinCan Software is a specialized application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. WinCan offers different solutions starting with the collection of the inspection data to the analysis of this data and finally the integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For over 22 years we have focused on ...

  • VCPEasy - Handy Software for Quick Inspection Devices

    The handy software for quick inspection devices in production halls. Interface for connecting external CAQ-systems (e.g. CIQ by AESA). Import, interpretation and evaluation of external test plans. Result evaluation (traffic light system) with export function to external CAQ systems possible. Customized measuring programs for the current cable ...

    By iiM AG based in Suhl, GERMANY.

  • Version InSpect - Inspection Software

    Datastick InSpect makes it easy to set up an inspection route on a PC, download it to the handheld computer, and upload the collected data to the PC.

    By Datastick Systems, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Spiramid - Industrial Hygiene Software

    Spiramid provides the most complete industrial hygiene software available on the market. Our staff of CIH and IH professionals from our user community has continuously improved on our application since 1996, ensuring that our clients receive the best most up to date software to implement into their business.

    By Spiramid, LLC based in Chantilly, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • ci-Tec - Version Inspect Pro Control H - IR-Based Optimization of Temperature Distribution Software

    IR-based optimization of temperature distribution and combustion behavior. inspect pro control H acquires the image data from infrared cameras which can cover all the way into the feed of the rotary kiln, depending on the spectral range. inspect pro control H inspect pro control H then uses these characteristic values to optimize incineration ...

    By ci-Tec GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • ci-Tec - Version Inspect Pro Control C - Process-Control Optimization Software

    Process-control optimization with camera-based characteristic. inspect pro control C acquires and analyzes image data obtained from high performance infrared cameras in cement rotary-kiln systems. The so ware preprocesses image data and calculates characteristic parameters of the combustion behavior. On this basis, process control is adapted to ...

    By ci-Tec GmbH based in Karlsruhe, GERMANY.

  • Pulpstream - Enterprise Risk Management Software

    Digitize and Unify Risk Management Programs: Pulpstream is the most efficient cloud-based platform for streamlining enterprise risk management programs. Digitize and unify assessments, claims, inspections, incidents, vendor contracts, and audit management. Seamlessly connect with existing systems. Adapt with emerging technologies for generations. ...

    By Pulpstream based in Cupertino, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Solutions Now - Data Security and Surveillance Software

    Solutions Now Data Security and Surveillance system is a software data security system that allows the user to track the movement of people, material, etc. throughout an enterprise in real time. The system, web-based or residing on local network, is capable of interfacing to multiple hardware devices such as a signature pad, driver’s ...

    By Solutions Now based in Katy, TEXAS (USA).

  • myWorld - Inspection & Survey Software

    myWorld Inspection & Survey is a flexible software platform that enables operations teams to create, optimize and perform all required field inspections and surveys digitally. Its versatile architecture enables deployment in weeks at any utility or communications company. myWorld Inspection & Survey transforms workers’ ability to ...

    By Ubisense Limited based in Chesterton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Compact.Net - Inspection Planning / Quality Inspection / SPC

    CAQ-Compact.Net is the definitive tool for efficient, flexible, and state-of-the-art inspection planning, inspection data gathering, evaluation, and analysis. It is your one-stop-solution for process-accompanying inspections, incoming or outgoing goods inspections, and sophisticated process control.

    By CAQ AG Factory Systems based in Rheinböllen, GERMANY.

  • Smallworld - Version GIS - NRM Wastewater Network Resource Manager Software

    The Wastewater Network Resource Manager is not only a stable basis for high-quality documentation of complex sewer networks. It also provides an overall solution to all issues concerned in sewage-related fields with its integrated data capture, updating, design and analysis toolkit.

    By Mettenmeier GmbH based in Paderborn, GERMANY.

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