Ion Selective Monitoring

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  • Brine Filtration

    Brine Filtration

    Edible Liquid Salt PurificationWithout adding flocculant, resistant to pollution, high filtration accuracy, stable &high quality refined brine. Nanofiltration Systems Sulfate RemovalThe membrane has charged groups that selectively reject multivalent anions such as sulfate ion. Primary Brine PurificationCeramic


Equipment & Solutions

  • Process Analyzer - Potentiometric

    Process Analyzer - Potentiometric

    The 2035 Process Analyzer for Potentiometric Titration and Ion-Selective Measurements performs analyses with dedicated electrodes and titrants. Additionally, this version of the 2035 Process Analyzer is also suitable for Ion-Selective Analysis using Metrohm high performance electrodes. This accurate standard addition technique is ideal for more difficult sample matrices.

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  • 5-day Comprehensive GC-MS Training (Agilent SQMS with MassHunter)

    5-day Comprehensive GC-MS Training (Agilent SQMS with MassHunter)

    The five-day Comprehensive GC-MS Training course introduces the fundamental theory of single quadrupole GC-MS along with the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the Agilent single quadrupole Mass Spectrometer using MassHunter software. This course includes an introduction to quadrupole mass spectrometry, method development and troubleshooting; hardware configuration; MS tuning; data ...